Scrolling Gets Stuck

For the last week(ish) I’ve notice that the board gets stuck while scrolling. It doesn’t seem to matter which thread I’m in, I can scroll down to around 20 posts and then it just gets stuck. There is a kind of “window wiper” sort of thing going on for a few seconds and then the page stops trying to load and there is nothing there. I have to go to the up/down super scroll arrow box on the side to get to the posts that are supposed to be there, and it seems that they are really there, but I just can’t see them.

This happens on windows machine using chrome and on my iphone so more than one soft and hardware platform.

Am I the only one this is happening to?

I scroll down with the mouse wheel, until the system jumps back up to a higher point, then click on the ‘back’ label and scroll down from there. Something wrong with scrolling, but not the same as what you are seeing.

I got that today, too. A hard refresh fixed it.

I’ve been getting the scrolling up causes jumping and stuttering thing since forever.

Windows, Chrome.

I used to get that a quite a bit right after the move to discourse on the desktop. Never did happen on my phone. I wonder if it’s a problem with the cache for both problems. The infinite scroll (or at least discourse) uses a ton of cookies, seems like it places one every so many posts as you scroll.

I wish I could say if there are more cookies placed now than before, but the old platform was so wonky at the end that I rarely checked how many, just wiped them all in an attempt to get the thing to work.

I have the problem on my Android tablet (10) using Edge and my Kindle Fire (android fork) using the Silk Browser. I normally have to tilt to get the side bar and manually scroll to the lower section. It seems to occur more frequently around various sorts of looping advertisement (since Silk doesn’t like addblock) and therefore I have it happen more frequently on the Fire than the true Android with a blocker.

I haven’t ruled out the cache/cookies either. But it never happens on my desktop (mostly Chrome, occasionally edge, Windows 10 box).

That we’ve been told by @codinghorror is because of Discourse’s dynamic loading, and the fact that image caching is disabled on our instance. HTML5 doesn’t play well with dynamically sized images loading above the current scroll position, and the Discourse solution is to cache the images at a fixed size.

He suspects that image caching got disabled along with image uploading.

That said, this is not the OP’s problem. I’ve never had any issues scrolling down, unless I lose my connection. Then, of course, newer posts don’t load.

Never said it was, buddy.

Please stop responding to me in hostile tones.

Mmmmm… no.

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Reposting from here, as scrolling down is different than scrolling up.

On my android phone (I don’t log into SDMB on my phone), and “Samsung Internet”, scrolling down towards the bottom of the thread, it sometimes get stuck at around 18 of whatever posts, and not go down any further. There’s an ad there and refuse to go any more. I can click on the 18/whatever box, use the scroll bar to jump around the blockage, but then that box disappears so I have to remember what the last post had written to get back up to it. The 18/whatever box shows up at the bottom at the “stuck” point, so I’m guessing Discourse thinks it’s at the bottom and doesn’t need to go any further downward.

Scrolling up (towards the top of the page), I sometimes get “jumps”, either down or up a couple of posts (not sure which), at the ads. This I understand to be a known issue because of reasons. (I don’t remember where I read this.)

A different Discourse website I go to doesn’t have these scrolling problems, but it doesn’t have the interwoven ads (if that’s the term?).

Does it happen if you use the official Chrome browser?

The vendor-provided browsers are usually quite out of date.

I am currently posting this from a desk top windows machine using chrome and the getting stuck at x number of posts and having to use the super slider box/scroll bar (the discourse bar not the browser window slider) to get around it is happening.

I"ll switch to the edge browser and see if it happens there too.

ok, @codinghorror putzing around the forums using edge browser on windows machine desk top, and no scrolling down getting stuck, no getting jerked up X number of posts unexpectedly (that also happens on my phone now and then) no weird window wiper thing going on while the next batch of posts load before the page just gives up on displaying them, just normal scrolling about looking at stuff.

(Not sure if this is for me or the OP (DorkVader)? Nothing on the thread here seems to indicate it’s for me, though I get notifications and emails that says it is.)

I don’t use Chrome on my phone, just what is provided. It’s not an old phone. Warranty date code is 02/10/2020; Android version 11. I don’t log in SDMB on the phone.

The stuck scrolling from what I can tell is near the “bottom” of the thread, at an advertisement. Like at 19 of 35. It says “advertisement” and a blank spot below the word. I can use the Discourse slider bar to get down past it.

It doesn’t do it on my laptop but I’m logged in (Firefox and Win7).

Another Discourse message board I use doesn’t do this on my phone, but it doesn’t have the in-line advertisements (actually, none at all). it does allow in-line photos held by the website. I am logged in on that one on my phone.

Can you try using Chrome (the official browser of Android) and see if the problem persists?

Okay, I used google to find, I figured that was the easiest way to get to chrome. (Thanks, @codinghorror, now I’m gonna get ads for The Straight Dope all over my phone :slight_smile: .) Since (a) it takes a while to for the issue to pop up, and (b) difficult to prove a negative, I’ll have to get a huge cup of caffeine and stay up all night to find it. ( :slight_smile: again, in case it wasn’t obvious.)

One side note, on the front page, in Chrome, all the pictures immediately started blinking – maybe that resetting issue? The big picture, of Cecil slapping someone, blinks a black square. The Little ones blink green squares. Not in time with each other, not consistently.

Caught one! Right below madsircool’s post here

Which is 19/24, it stuck in my usual samsung internet. I switched over to chrome and clicked my way down to the same thread, and the same stuck point occurred, below madsircool’s same post. (chrome= “Thomas English Muffins” short ad; samsung= no ad just a blank spot. Both have “ADVERTISEMENT” text.) If I scroll back to the top, then down again, it continues, no stuck. (samsung= “RENT” short ad; chrome bigger “Dumbest States in America” ad.)

There was another one caught but I wasn’t awake enough to remember the details or to compare and contrast.

If I understand it right, the ads are supposed to give a size so Discourse can lay it out properly? So “no size given” means nul more scrolling (I hope you understand what I mean). What happens if “no size given” then plug in a default size. If only the top edge of the ad is displayed (a bigger ad cropped to a short ad size), at least it won’t gum up the works. If they complain tell them they got to put in a size.

I got stuck at a couple more, all in chrome. No rhyme or reason, but always at an advertisement. I stopped trying to match it in samsung. Some of the threads weren’t new enough to be at the top of the list, and it didn’t help that the name and group would pop in and out at the top of the screen, so they were difficult to find.
If I did the diggity-do with the Discourse scroll bar to get below the stuck point, it was different ads, long or short.
Good news is this is post 19, so an advert will pop up after this, after a couple more posts will be, er, posted.

Good detective work @Kzbre5m! I’m not really sure why, but I don’t see ads on my phone, and haven’t been observant enough to realize the problem could be those ads. I guess maybe because I don’t usually use anything but my phone to browse the dope.

Hopefully this helps TPB and @codinghorror get a handle on whats going on

On a side note, I’m seeing an ! in a triangle next to the discard post trash can. Never noticed that before whats that all about I wonder and nevermind, apparently it means that “read only” mode is the site setting at the moment. Well hopefully this post is saved until next time