Scrolling jumps around quite a bit

On larger threads with 3000+ posts while scrolling through them the site will suddenly skip up or down often and I’ll lose my place. This happens for me often on the Movies You’ve Seen Recently thread in CS.

Is this a site malfunction or am I doing something incorrectly.

What are you using? Tablet, phone, PC, Mac? Which browser?

Happens on the pc and iPad. Crome. Maybe it’s just me.

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I get the jumping around too, although it’s not nearly as bad as when we first got on Discourse. Sometimes there’s a “back” button appearing to the right of the posts that will fix the problem. Doesn’t always work right, though. This is on a laptop, Firefox and Ubuntu.

It jumps around on me too. Very annoying.

It seems clear the whole thread is not loaded and, as you scroll through, more is loaded. When that happens the thread jumps.

I have a very good PC, plenty of memory (32GB) and little to nothing else running, and this happens on long threads as I scroll through.

I am usually using Chrome to view the SDMB. I have not tested with other browsers (probably should) although these days I think all browsers except FireFox use Chromium.

Same here. (MacBook, Safari.) It’s one of the reasons I think infinite scrolling is a PITA.

Are you using any ad blockers? Seems like the software reserves vertical space for ads, and when it can’t contact the ad server, it removes that space again.

I do use ad blockers.

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That’s exactly what I was going to say. I’ve observed this behavior and it’s the same thing I’ve seen on other sites when I try to navigate before all elements are downloaded.

Are you scrolling down or up?

Scrolling up is inherently unsafe (in sizing) due to the way the browser loads elements. However, scrolling down should be stable, as the sizes of all elements are known.

The only other variable here is ads, which sometimes insert at variable size.

I get this in Chrome desktop, which has no adblockers installed, or only poor ones. But I never experience it in my Firefox desktop setup, which has heavy ad protection.

I seem to have noticed the jumping occurring in Chrome only when an ad loads or is trying to load.

It still happens from both scrolling up and down.