Why can't I scroll to the end of a thread?

Sometimes I want to see the most recent posts in a long thread and I can’t seem to get to the end of the thread. If I move the progress bar down, it does not go all the way to the end. Or it goes to the end visually but only halfway through the actual number of posts. Or it resets to the last one I’ve read. Does anyone know the solution for this? I tried doing it on my phone and I can’t do it there, either. Help.

On a computer:
There is a slide bar to the right side. Shows the first post’s date at the top and the last post’s date on the bottom. The slide bar works great to get to the bottom.

On a Mobile Device:
In the bottom right corner is the wrench followed by a small slide bar tool.
Tap the slide bar tool and it brings up a full slider like on a computer.

For either: To get back to the top of a thread, just click the title of the thread and you return to the first post.

Use the little scrollbar on the side. There should be a date or time at the bottom. Click on it to go to the last post. To go to any particular post, press the # key. Neither, I believe, are available for phones.

That is what I’m doing and it’s not working. I click on the slide bar and bring it all the way to the bottom. On the page itself, it only goes part of the way. For example, I was trying to get to the end of the thread on Alec Baldwin in MPSIMS; it has over 1400 posts. The bar slides to the very end, but I only get to post 483. Sometimes the slide bar goes back up to the top. Again, I slide it down to the bottom, but the page only advances about 20 posts worth.

Does the OP of this thread describe your issue?

I think you’re using the browser slide bar and not Discourse’s slide bar.
Are you using the one with the dates at the top and bottom or the slide bar to the right edge of the browser itself?

I don’t think you could get to the 483rd post of a thread like that, could you?

ETA, I just tried that on a long thread, and it seemed to get me about 20 new posts every time I drag it all the way down.

WhatExit, you are right. The SD slide bar is very faint on my screen and I didn’t even see it there, so that solves that. but I am also experiencing what GreysonCarlisle is talking about, where the screen jumps back about 20-50 posts.

So ignore my previous post. However, the jumping back thing. Is it possible that it’s happening when the page finishes loading? That’s not uncommon. I see it happen all the time, for example, on wiki. Pull up a wiki page, scroll down and if it hasn’t finished loaded yet, when it does it’ll take you back up to the top.

Using a different theme might solve both issues.

The jumpy thing I don’t have an answer for. It happens mostly in long threads.

To go to a specific post, type # and enter the post number you want to go to.

You can use this trick as another way to get to the bottom. Sometimes I quickly type #3333 click enter and I’m at the bottom. If it is a really long thread #9999 instead.

BTW: Discourse has a lot of keyboard shortcuts. When not typing or editing a post, just click ? to pull up the shortcuts.

What do you mean by different theme?

Go to profile > preferences > interface, and you’ll see a theme selector. Try out different ones. Don’t forget the Save Changes button at the bottom.

Seems to have something to do with ads refreshing/reloading. Still happens to me all the time and it’s annoying as bleep.

That makes sense (and possibly goes along with the page not being done loading). Between whatever browser settings I happen to be using and a PiHole, I don’t get any ads. I used to have uBlock Origin running as well, but it’s turned off for this site, IIRC, it was causing problems with inline youtube videos.

Don’t forget about the “last reply” button under the OP. Scroll to the bottom with just one click.

Oh cool, I actually never noticed that one before.
Very handy.

Hint for the “jumping back up the thread” snafu. It was kindly pointed out to me when I complained of this that, at the bottom of the Discourse slide/scroll bar, there will be a “Back” button appear, and it will take you right back to where you were reading, without having to scroll all the way back through.

Appreciate the hint. For me, the back button only shows up sometimes and usually doesn’t go back to where I was even when it does appear. But it does help occasionally.

I find the back button only shows up when I scroll up. It will take me back to where I was before I started scrolling up. But, if I say follow a link to a later post, it will never be there to take me back to where I last started reading.

I wish it would do that. It would be nice to click a link to see a reply, then go back to where I was in the thread to catch up to where the thread was. Instead, I wind up reading the thread in reverse order to get caught up.