What's wrong with the way posts are displaying?

I’m not even entirely sure how to explain it, so I included a video. You’ll notice that, as I’m scrolling, the width of each individual post gets narrower (and back to the full width) as it passes through the visible area of the screen. I know things can get wonky, but what strikes me as even odder is that when it happens, the avatar stays in the same spot instead of moving with the post.

I just noticed it this morning and it’s happened both on my laptop at home with firefox and my desktop at work with both firefox and Chrome. So, it might be the theme (Vincent) or something else, but it’s not likely to be anything on my side. Something I did notice is that when I tried it with Chrome, it didn’t happen until I was logged in (I rarely use Chrome, so I wasn’t already logged in with that browser). I suppose that suggests that the problem is the theme.

Happens to me as well since today, in Chrome on Windows, Vincent theme.

Seems to be Vincent. I just tried half a dozen themes, and it only happens with Vincent.

At least it’s not just me.
If they were just the wrong size, it wouldn’t be a big deal, it’s the way they move back and forth that’s driving me up the wall.

I’ve just noticed that when i scroll down, the icons detach from the post and stay at the top of the screen until the next post bumps it up. My theme : Discourse Classic.
Maybe that’s what it’s trying to do, but failing in Vincent.

Oh, good, it’s not just me. I’m also using Vincent. Right now it’s not annoying enough to change themes but I just got here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see that too, but only on longer posts. Like if the avatar were to leave the screen as you scrolled down, it floats with the scrolling instead. Weird.
For example, I only see it in the OP with this thread.
ETA: when I scroll from the bottom of the thread to the top, all of them do it. So, weird.
Also, Sam’s Simple Theme

Just tried Vincent on another board, and it does the same thing there. Gets really funky scrolling bottom to top.

Me too. Chrome on a MAC. Making me crazy.

Near as I can tell, Vincent is considered a broken theme and hasn’t been supported in over a year. Any fixes to it will need to be done in-house here.

After reading the thread, I also tried ‘Dark’, and had the same issue. So it may not be “just” Vincent.

Hopefully we’ll hear more soon, as Vincent is my favorite interface option, but we’ll just have to see.

Happening to me as well. I’m a dedicated Vincent user, too. I hope we don’t lose this theme.

Yeah, I always use dark, and it’s doing that same quirky thing.

Okay, so… when scrolling up, did the user avatar always slide around beside the post and I’m only just now noticing, or is this something new? Using SD Light.

No, it didn’t. Just started today.

I thought so. I’m going to guess that the themes aren’t all playing well with the changes.

I’m sure you’re right, though I don’t know which changes it might be in response to.

I think we’ve noted so far that it’s happening to Vincent, Dark, Sam’s Simple and SD Light.

Very hard to read when the text jumps back and forth.

It’s definitely new. I find it quite distracting, and otherwise pointless. I already know who wrote the post, since I will have read it from the top. And I don’t know most posters by their avatar alone. It would seem to incentivize not reading entire posts.

And I could definitely see why trying to do something like that could mess with other themes. They could be resizing the content to try and allow the avatar to fit.

I very much hope I can turn it off.

(It also just doesn’t even work consistently, which makes it even more distracting when it pops in.)

For what it’s worth, I spend a chunk of the evening playing around with the themes, and Straight Dope - Dark seems to be working normally. It isn’t happy happy to my eyes, but it’s at least less distracting.

So far, it seems I can shut off the avatar sliding annoyance with a couple CSS tweaks, so I will do that. I suspect these same CSS tweaks might fix the other themes that are resizing.

  .topic-post.sticky-avatar .topic-avatar {
    position: unset !important;