What's wrong with the way posts are displaying?

Agreed. I can see why someone would think it’s a nifty feature to have, but it’s just another pointless bell/whistle.

Seconded. Also, if you click the avatar to get the user info box, it remains where it opened rather than following the avatar, which just feels like a missed detail either way.

Using Discourse Classic with Chrome on a PC and all is well. Everything is business as usual, no roaming avatars.

I’m not sure I understand this one. Do you mean the profile stays on the middle of the screen as you scroll down the page? Clicking the avatar operates the way it always did for me.

Is this one of those things where you are all talking about phones and I’m talking about a desktop?

I guess I expected the info box to follow the avatar as it moved. :man_shrugging:

Oops, sorry 'bout that! I should have remembered what the main thrust of the thread was. < insert embarrassed smiley here>

I just realized I said “a couple of tweaks” but only gave one. Turns out, the other one wasn’t needed. The value “unset” for position also causes the top values to be ignored.

On a side note (maybe related), when I read the last post in a thread that has yet to be updated, its title usually was greyed out in the forum listing. That’s not happening now.

Aha so Vincent theme has issues. Good to know, switch away for now and we will see what we can fix.

It’s not just Vincent with this issue. As noted above, also Dark, Sam’s Simple and SD Light.

Thanks for looking into it. This issue is really awful.

The issue seems to have been fixed, at least to a degree. For some minutes now, the avatars have been still floating about at the posts when scrolling, but at least the width of the post box doesn’t change anymore. I only find it unfortunate that the width of the posts now is remarkably smaller than before.

That’s almost exactly what I just posted in the other thread.

It looks a lot better, but I’m still seeing significant issues.

Jump down to What_Exit’s post (#236) in this thread. For me, WE’s avatar is on a line by itself, then the usual post narrowing starts up again.

That’s strange. I thought maybe it was because of the linked post thing, but in the thread I linked to just above your post everything, well, not correct, but not doing that.
The avatars actually doing what I’d expect them to do, is still only working some of the time.

I scrolled through pretty quickly, but WE’s post seemed to be the first one that used staff coloring, so that could be a culprit.

Yup, that appears to be it. I searched for ‘mod note’ and found another one.

Scroll down just a few posts and you’ll see the same issue.

Post #435 (also WE) in the Religious/Secular Holidays thread shows the same thing.

ETA: But I misspoke earlier. The old narrowing isn’t happening. It’s just the mod post that’s out of line.

Whatever is/was going on, this update certainly wasn’t ready to be rolled out yet.

I think it’s just us. Vincent on my other D-boards is still the same old broken Vincent.

I was going to tell you someone else said that they tried it on another board and had a similar issue…but it was you.

At my age, it’s good to remind me anyway.