What's wrong with the way posts are displaying?

“Chrome on a MAC!! Making me crazy!”

Is that anything like: “Christ on a CRACKER!! Making me crazy!”

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :shushing_face:

Maybe I’ve always been crazy.

Speaking of display issues, has anyone else experienced the screen shaking rapidly up and down when you scroll down to the last post in some threads (including this thread)? The shaking doesn’t stop until you scroll up some.

It’s been happening for a few days on my fire tablet so I figured it was the dope wasn’t playing nice with Silk, but this morning it happened on Firefox on my desktop too.

I’ve seen this happen on this board and another Discourse board I read.

Rather annoying, but rare.

We deployed fixes on the 24th… good here?

Well, the change to the icons is a feature not a bug as I understand it, but changing to a different theme seems to confirm the weird mis-sizing issue is gone. Thank you and the team for your hard work @codinghorror .

Update - still having the issue with posts where moderator instructions being mis-aligned, but it’s an improvement at least. Will try to check various themes when I have a chance.

Other than the mod thing, which doesn’t really bug me at all. I can also confirm, at least on Vincent, that everything appears to be working as intended,

Yes to the mod thing which has already been mentioned.

Everything seems to jump out of alignment to the left when I add staff color (in case that gives you a direction to start looking for a fix). Then when I scroll down, the avatar of the person who posted above me scrolls down right along with me, covering up the text of my mod post.

And sorry to keep bringing up issues in Vincent, but today I noticed I no longer receive the Notifications button when someone flags a post. In Vincent, it’s a blue circle and is situated on the lower right of the hamburger menu. This issue is more recent than from the 24th, though.