Texture of text when I read the boards

Some are light gray. Some are dark grey. Some are light blue. Some are dark blue.
I think I’m missing something. I need help. And direction.
And a girlfriend with lot’s of money.
:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

And a dictionary, to learn the difference between texture and color. :smiley:

The gray means you have already read the thread. The blue means you have not.

Or something. ::shrug:: I think dark means there is something new, while light means there is nothing new. I don’t know. I have never really paid much attention.

Inside posts:

If you link to another post it will display this color when you first open the thread (medium light blue?).

If you then click on the link it will change color. (Initially, both of these links will be the same color, but if you click on one, when you exit out of the hyperlink, it will have changed to a more gray color.)

If text is underscored it will have a separate color altogether.

On the Forum pages:

Threads that you have not read since your last visit are a bold DarkSlateBlue (I think, between my colorblindness and my ancient monitor, I am a bit fearful of identifying any colors) The hex for the RGB is #22229C. Threads that you did not visit, but are older than your last visit are an un-bolded DarkSlateBlue.
Threads that you have opened, but which have new posts since your last visit are a bolded SandyBrown. The hex for the RGB is #FFFF66, while those from before your last visit are unbolded SandyBrown.