Why do my links have no color?

I am finding that when I insert the text between &, the font remains this grayish color, whereas it used to be purple. I also find that other poster’s links are purple, too. Am I missing something? Is it a product of the helpful little buttons which are new? (I never use them).

Just curious–nothing urgent.

Test link: http://www.straightdope.com/[/url


Trying test link again: SD

You’d think I’d know better 850 posts in… :rolleyes:

Errr … a grey link means you’ve already visited that site ( as in when it is yourself who posts the link), and the purple link is one not visited before (as it appears to other posters before they click the link.

I think.

If the above is absolutely nothing to do with your question, please ignore.

Don’t feel too bad, ArchiveGuy… I too had the same problem and was constantly pestering everyone on here as to why that would happen. Or at least, I thought it was a big problem. Basically, after about at least 5 times of people telling me basically what Ice Wolf has said above, I finally got a clue, which must have been very relieving to everyone!

And don’t worry about the number of posts it took you to clue in, either. I think I was at around post 525 when I began to publicly annoy everyone with my stupid questions about my link color. A few hundred posts later (at around post 850 or 900), it finally began to sink in! :eek:

But of course, if that has nothing to do with your problem, then take no notice of what I’ve just said.

If, like some of us, you have trouble seeing any difference between the two colors (between “visited” and “not visited”), you can go to User CP, Edit Options, and scroll way down to the bottom where it says Other Options, Style Set, and choose BrightLinks, which will make unvisited links a nice bifocal-friendly fluorescent blue.