Why won't my links *change* color?

Look, I know I come running in here every time something’s not 100%, but that’s what this forum is for, right?

I hit “refresh” on a forum, and all of a sudden, I didn’t have BrightLinks any more. I had to log in to check my user options, so I did, but when I got back to the forum, the links were bright blue again…ALL of them. The ones I’d linked before didn’t reflect that by being gray. I’ve hit “refresh” a number of times since, and every time, all the links go back to blue, even if I clicked on them a minute earlier.

Is this part of that “inconsistent data” thing that was the explanation for my last question? I hope this won’t be permanent!

Browser? Version of Windows? ISP? Et Cetera? :smiley:

MSN, 98, Covad.

Still don’t know what browser – and version of it – you’re using. But not to worry…you’re not alone !

I haven’t figured it out yet I get the same effect when I refresh in IE 5.5 (haven’t been back long enough to test the effect in other browsers).

On first blush, it looks to be a javascript/style sheet error in the page coding – what’s happening, I think, is that the link colours as coded into the page fail (because the script fails) and the web default kicks in – what you’re then seeing is the internet without makeup, without the slap that make it more bearable to view :smiley: .

So if that’s the case, it’s not your browser but the page you’re viwing that’s at fault.

I haven’t caught up on things yet but maybe it’s already been addressed in ATMB ?

Oh okay, we’re in ATMB…why didn’t someone tell me !

Having tried to repeat the effect and failing it might be appropriate to adopt Plan B.

Which is …that it might be the browser after all – something prevents the browser from loading the script on refresh. Not a fault I’ve come across before in IE5.5 but I’ve defraged overnight and, as I can’t repeat the effect, it makes me wonder… Can’t comment further until the effect does repeat but I apologise to the coder(s) for assuming the fault was at their end.

Maybe try a defrag and see what happens ?

If you look at the URL for a thread, you’ll see a s= followed by a series of letters and numbers. This is the session variable. This variable changes every time you come back. Since the variable changes, the URL is now different, and therefore new to you so the links go back to their unvisited state. Did that make any sense?

To make sure visited links stay in the visited link color:

  1. Click on the User CP button at the top.
  2. Click on Edit Options.
  3. Select YES for “Browse board with cookies?”
  4. Click on Submit Modifications button at the bottom.

I see. Thank you.