Blueberry Tea: Earl Grey or Orange Pekoe?

I’ve always made my blueberry tea with Earl Grey. My boss says it’s traditionally made with orange pekoe. Now, I hate orange pekoe, so I’ll stick with the EG anyway, but I had always been under the impression that EG was the traditional tea in this.

So which do you have your Blueberry Tea with? The lovely Earl Grey, or Orange Pekoe? Cinnamon stick, slice of orange, or just the tea and booze?

Start over. What’s blueberry tea?

The best Blueberry tea (IMHO) is from The Republic of Tea (its called Wild BlueBerry). They also make a really good Blackberry tea (Blackberry Sage).


Call me crazy, but why would you ruin a good cuppa Earl Grey with blueberries.

Keep the blueberries in the muffins, as God intended them…


Mmmkay. Blueberry Tea does not have blueberries at all. It’s tea with Amaretto and Grand Marnier.

Interesing. I never heard of this before. Every Blueberry Tea I’ve seen is fruit-flavored tea. Where did this originate, and what part of the country features this?

Never heard of that. ‘Blueberry Tea’ to me means tea flavored with, well, Blueberry. For that kind of flavored tea’s the best I’ve found is The Republic of Tea…they make all kinds (I think they bottle their teas too, though I usually buy their tea packets).


Perhaps I’m wrong (there’s always a first time), but isn’t Earl Grey made with orange pekoe flavored with oil of bergamot?

Ah, from

So why is this drink called Blueberry Tea if it has all this orange flavor in it?