Bluegrass, Mountain music, "Roots Country"

Any bluegrass/folk/old-timey-hillbilly musicians out there in the E TN, W NC, SE KY, S VA, S WV area?

I’m asking because I want to know if I have a base of folks to work with.

I’m wanting to open a club/coffee house/restaurant/bar in Gatlinburg, TN that features really authentic Appalachian music. None of this glittery pop-goes-the-redneck crap.

Talk to me.

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C’mon, I know yer out there!

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Howdy Neighbor! (Sort of)
A number of fans of the type of music you mention are members of SDMB. In fact, in just the past two months, there have been several threads about “O Brother, Where Art Thou”, Ralph Stanley, Iris DeMent, etc. posted in the Cafe Society forum. You will probably get more response if you post in that forum, or ask a Mod to move this thread for you. I love the music, but Gatlinburg is a long way from my part of Alabama.

Good luck with your club/coffee house.

Too bad for you that my Carnie lives in CA, 'cause he’s a blue-grass boy from birth. He says to try posting to this mailing list which has some hard-core folk on board. The likes of Steve Kaufman, Tut Taylor, Brian Sutton and Clay Hess are regular posters.

Good luck![

Hippie My educated guess is that you will go broke trying to offer people what you like rather that what they want.

You’re probably right.

Sorry I can’t help out, TNH…I love Appalachian music, but I’m hopeless when it comes to any instrument with strings on it. Except for the clavier family.

Oh, wait. You’ve already started one here.

I’ll just close this one then, as we all know cross-posting is a Bad Thing.