Bluegrass Musicians?

Any Bluegrass, mountain music, “roots country,” folk, good old-timey hillbilly music players out there?

I ask because I want to open an establishment (coffee house/restaurant/bar) in Gatlinburg, TN that features authentic Appalachian music…none of this glittery pop-goes-the-redneck crap.

I need to know if there’s a base of folks to work with.

Please talk to me.

There must be a base of folks to work with right down the road in Asheville, because there are frequently bluegrass bands playing at the bars I go to. Native Ground Music is a record label devoted to old-timey music and is also in Asheville. Some of the better bluegrass bands tour, so I don’t think it would be a problem getting them to stop off in Gatlinburg.

I don’t know any musicians but I just want to go ahead and reserve my spot in your club/place! I will be there!

If you build it, I will come.

(No, really. Check out my location. I’ll be there.)

There are tons of great players in the area, and a really burgeoning bluegrass/Americana scene in Knoxville and the surrounding area. The absolute best source for the kind of information you’re after would be the fine folks at “East Tennessee’s Own” WDVX, a radio station in Clinton that plays this kind of music exclusively. They’re always promoting albums and shows by local performers, and would probably bend over backwards to help you find folks to play there.

One other thought is to drive up to the Disc Exchange on Chapman Highway and peruse their “local music” section. It’s pretty darned extensive, and if you haven’t been to the Disc Exchange yet, it’s worth the drive. It’s everything in the world a music store should be.

One more good idea. Call the nice folks at the Museum of Appalachia. Every fall they hold a “Homecoming” and feature tons of old-time players. If nothing else, there are always people playing on the grounds during the day, and most of them would probably jump at the chance to play out and make a few bucks in the process.

Finally, if you haven’t yet, you might check out the Front Porch in Cosby, which bills itself as “The world’s only Mexican bluegrass restaurant.” The food is pretty good, there are local pickers (I believe) every Friday and Saturday, and not too far away you can buy a quart of moonshine that will strip the paint off your car.

Hope this helps, and best of luck. If you can save that town’s soul, you deserve a medal.

BTW, here’s the contact info for the Front Porch.

thanks to all of y’all for both the moral support and the practical information.

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No problem. In lieu of thanks, though, I’d gladly accept one performance by Scott Miller.

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If you are trying to connect with musicians and bluegrass fans, may I recommend the Southeastern Bluegrass Association?

Oh, and if you’re looking to book acts, may I recommend the Steep Canyon Rangers? They are a talented young group from Asheville, looking for gigs.

Also, the Red Light Cafe in Atlanta features bluegrass bands on Thursday nights. The bands come from all over the Southeast, including several from Tennessee and the Carolinas. Check their calendar for bands scheduled to play on Thursday, and that may give you a working list of bluegrass bands willing to play small venues. Something to start with, anyway.

Excellent suggestions, spoke- and all of you.

Thanks agin, y’all.

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