Blues ~ A play being performed to benefit the homeless

My Topics In Performance (theatre) class is currently working on a production called Blues, a play written by Jerome McDonough (which would be why I’m typing in blue. :slight_smile: ) Anyway, it’s basically a forty-minute play about the lives of the homeless and less fortunate. The audience will get to glance into the lives of people living in the streets, the man who robbed a store to be able to feed his family, and the child who ran away, among others.

We’re performing this play a bit differently than a normal play; we wanted to get the audience into the scene as much as possible and to do so, we’re actually going to have it in the cafeteria instead of the auditorium and have the audience sitting around us.

I think my favorite aspect of this play is that all proceeds are going to benefit a program for homeless children at the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center.

If any of you all in Virginia Beach are interested in coming, these are the important details:

Date: February 26, 2003
Time: 7:30
Location: First Colonial High School cafeteria (on Mill Dam Road, right next to Cape Henry Collegiate School), Virginia Beach, VA

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