Bluetooth Keyboard for Android Tablets

Can someone suggest a good bluetooth keyboard for use with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet? I won’t be using it often, but on occasion I will need to do enough typing that using the onscreen keyboard will not be optimal for the task. I’d like to have a lightweight, portable bluetooth keyboard that will work with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.


Bumping this to see if anyone has suggestions.

Two thoughts,

The Zagg line of products have served my Ipad well. It’s a case, keyboard, and stand. Obviously, YMWV with a TAB, but anything that doubles as a folding stand like that would work swell.

If you already have a stand for your tablet, I like Apple’s Keyboard. Not to sound like a fanboy (all my computers are PCs, anyhow), but it’s the slimmest and sleekest keyboard of the lot.