Blurred Home Videos

How come when you see some home videos on TV or police cam video the date stamp on the screen is blurred? Does it really matter to the producer what date the video was shot? In the case of the home video, it’s wrong half the time anyway. Just wondering.

There trying to create a sense of immediacy by not letting you the video you are about to see is 20 years old.

This is one of my all time favourites, and I try not to think about how the participants are probably dead by now.

I was wondering this just the other day. I think it was one of those Spike “Extreme” video compilations, and they were blurring not only the timestamps, but other stations logos.

The point where I really couldn’t ignore it anymore was when they showed a low-altitude helicopter crash, after which one of the heroic (but overweight) rescuers had his buttcrack blurred.

This annoys me when they do it on America’s Funniest Home Videos, because they do it for some videos but not for others, and it has nothing to do with how old the videos are - some really freakin old videos don’t get the date blurred, other really recent ones do, and vice versa. And some really annoying ones they only blur the date but not the time or the other way around. It makes no sense.