Bmi 25

After several months of tight diet control, and a quite substantial visit to the bathroom yesterday, my BMI as of this morning is now 24.92. Notwithstanding all the criticisms of BMI as a measure of healthiness, this is my first reading below the nominal “overweight” range in a loooooooong time. :smiley:

(And my wife has purchased for me a very, shall we say, “European” bathing suit to wear this summer as incentive to keep the weight off :wink: .)

Congratulations on your weight loss!

Congrats! Well done!

(This would be more impressive if we knew what BMI you started at. Just a suggestion!)

Grats man. The colloquial social definition of what people consider “fat” or “obese” has been gradually sliding up and up as the goalposts for what’s normal get moved. It’s only when you look at your BMI (which amazingly, the basis for was developed in the early to mid 1800s) when you realize just how unhealthy most of us really are, and how we’re only kidding ourselves if we try to change standards of biology.

The first BMI reading I took was at 29.86 (I was on the diet for a week or so before I started measuring, so I imagine it was over 30 beforehand). At my height this corresponds to a weight of 220.5 lbs, compared with 184.0 lbs this morning.

Congratulations! Though on first reading I thought a BMI 25 was a car.

Congrats! An inspiration you are!


Good for you!! :slight_smile:

See, I’m already way more impressed! Seriously great job!:smiley:

I just calculated mine - it is 24.5 for a woman of my age, height and weight. It’s considered “optimal,” normal" or “healthy” depending on the chart I’m looking at. Huh, I feel about 15lbs overweight.

And by the way, congrats to you! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Way to go!