BMW People: Help! which care to buy tomorrow?

I’m struggling with slighter newer with more mileage,vs. older with fewer miles. What doth thou thnk?

2011 BMW 328 i
Deep Sea Blue Metallic
$22,900 | 52,602 mi. | Used
Certified Used Car > 2yr
2010 BMW 328 i
Space Gray Metallic
$13,983 | 67,725 mi.

2011 BMW 328 i xDrive
Jet Black
$21,989 | 45,316 mi.

2011 BMW 328 i xDrive
Jet Black
$21,989 | 45,316 mi.

:DPS selling my sweet 2002 530i – Doper discount!

Missed edit: other is > 2008 328i, 34k, $18k

Buy the one with turn signals. And use them.

The 2010 model is $8 or $9 grand cheaper than the 2011 models?

If that’s not a typo, I think your choice is clear.

Personally, I’d pick whichever one has a 6 speed, because buying a 3 series BMW with an automatic is a crime against humanity. :slight_smile:

X Drive, seeing as you then have AWD for winter use plus ripping the corners in the summer.

Seeing as you already have a BMW, I’m sure you already have a close relationship with a BMW mechanic :slight_smile: They would be a good one to ask as they may be able to advise on expected reliability of the different choices.

What’s wrong with the 2010? It must have been crashed or something. They’re both E90s and 15,000 miles and CPO don’t add up to $10K.

Assuming the Carfax on the 2010 is clean, and the dealer is offering some sort of warranty coverage, buy that one.

I’d keep the 5-series.

Never found the cause of that leak, eh?

Several disjointed thoughts:
Why is the 2010 so much cheaper? That’s a huge difference and something is missing from the comparison. You should find out what that something is.
xDrive is nice if you live in snow country. I certainly made good use of mine. Now living here in the tropics it just means twice as many moving parts to need expensive replacement. My next BMW won’t have it. Where do you live?
If you drive lots of miles per year then paying extra to buy low mileage is worth it and you don’t care as much which year it is. If you drive few miles per year then paying extra for newer is worth it and you don’t care as much how many miles it already has. Which scenario is you?
Speaking just for me, I would not buy a black car except on a massive discount. Too hot in the sun. Your preference?

Thanks for the input (everyone). After doing some shopping I’ve made the tentative decision to keep the '02 beast for another year or two then look into leasing a 5 Series with X drive, as I tend to change cars every three years or so and a warranty would be nice!

I really didn’t like the 328s I test drove, they seemed a bit small and under-powered. My friendly mechanic also said the 3 Series tend to develop odd problems.

Upthreads: I love black exteriors, not so much the black leather interior of my 530i in the summer, but it’s cozy in cooler weather. What I really dislike are the dark exterior cars with the tan interiors. They look weird to me (as does the brown plasti-wood trim in my car – WTF?)

On the backseat leak: I did automotive caulking around spots in the doorframe that seemed worn. It worked through a few rain episodes, but I had damp again after our big NJ snowstorm. I think it’s the moisture barrier, which is not something I want to attempt on my own.

Yeah, if I were getting a 3 Series, I’d have to go for the 335i over the 328i any day. The N54/55 motor is so great, I’ve now bought it three times. My wife’s 335i, my 135i, and the X3 that replaced the 335i. Never thought I’d love a turbo motor, but there you go.