Board Maintenance

Does the Board go down in the wee hours of each and every morning for maintenance?
I am just curous. I usually read in the middle of the night, and it seems that for about 20 min every night I get the message that the Board is temporarily down for maintenance.

As long as I’ve been reading (since October) yes it does go down every morning, which means I have to find actual work to do while at work.

Yep, it happens just as I’m getting into reading everything that happened the previous night :wink:

[sub]ok well not everything, just the bits I’m interested in[/sub]

Work :eek: don’t say such nasty things!!!

Sorry about that, but think of the 23 hours and 40 minutes that we’re available to you and maybe it won’t be so bad.

your humble TubaDiva
Is your glass nearly full or almost not empty?

What exactly happens during board maintenance periods? How is the board maintained?
(Spooky. I was thinking last night – this happens at 10.30pm my time – that I should ask the question. And then a thread about it Far out.)

Maintenance, the kind that requires the system to be off-line completely, usually amounts to automatic backups.
If the system isn’t stopped, the backed-up indexes and threads no longer match and the backup is useless to restore from.

From my experience, the downtime is more like 5 minutes than 20.

Tuba, I don’t think anyone’s angry, just curious. We’re used to a 24/7 internet experience, and anything that disrupts that is going to be explored. I’m very glad we don’t have more outages, myself, and I’m perfectly willing to wait a few minutes during the planned outage.

That depends on the forum:

General Questions: The load coils are replaced & bearings repacked. This is also when Chronos & Manhattan put fresh troll bait in the snap-traps. The bullshit filters are soaked in hot soapy water & thoroughly scrubbed with wire brushes.

IMHO: Czarcasm uses this time to lean way back in his chair and try to think of a new handle for himself that’s even more clever than the current one or any of the previous ones. The forum’s suspension springs are replaced weekly. TVeblen makes the little folders some new color just to cheeze-off TubaDiva who will soon have 17 new threads in ATMB asking why the folders are bright orange, or hot pink, or plaid (in addition to the 12 new threads asking why the boards were down last night).

MPSIMS: Eutychus55 goes through the day’s threads with a fine tooth comb looking for any that have even the slightest flavor of possibly being a question. Then with a snow shovel, unloads them all into GQ. UncleBeer goes off to spend some quantity time with Aunt Whiskey, and Coldfire mops up the spilled ingredients from The Ultimate Recipe thread & catches up on all the latest Rush threads.

The BBQ Pit: Alphagene orders more charcoal birquettes & lighter fluid. Lynn calls “” to order chocolate. John Corrado bags the prior day’s ashes & tosses them into the garbage, and all the the remaining bone & teeth fragments are run through a wood chipper.

Great Debates: All attempts at logic are checked for falacies and, if necessary, tagged for the enjoyment of the next day’s dopers. David B hooks up the forum flow control valves to his time machine in order to edit posts before they were actually made. Gaudere washes all the windows because the maid refuses to do it.

ATMB: If you press your ear to the screen and stay reeeeeeeeeeal quiet, you can just barely hear her playing…

And every month or so Ed Zotti changes the spark plugs in the search engine.

We’re still not sure what Cecil Adams does here.

I do not.

I go to “” for all my chocolate needs.