Boards and Engines

Is there a search engine that will search message boards ? I’m not referring to just a search function for each individual board, but one that specifically (or at least includes) searches for a topic on most of the message boards on the internet. I’ve noticed that occasionally you get message board entries using some of the engines but not nearly the number I’d expect or want. This would be exceedingly helpful considering the usefulness of the search function on this board.

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what is essential is invisible to the eye -the fox

Deja News will search all the usenet message boards, if that’s what you’re looking for. They’re at . Personally I prefer their old-style search engine (which seems to be more thorough). It’s available through their Power Search area at . In the box for Results Type, enter Deja Classic.

do a search in yahoo, select other search engines, it will give you a list of probally 100’s of search engins and a short description. Dont know if what you want is there but its where i would look 1st

Thanks guys.

What did you people think this topic was about…


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