Best Internet Message Board Search Engine

I’m talking about search engines that search any message board on the Internet. This is a very handy substitute for the Straightdope search – especially on those days (like today) when the hamster has a bladder infection. I used to use – but that Internet message board search engine seems to have lost most of its database AND isn’t current. If you need convincing go to and type in ‘’ — then check out the pitiful results. A few hits and only the thread titles - with zero responses under those. I have no idea what happened at BoardReader. So ------ is there another message board search engine out there to take its place – and the place of ‘hamster search’?

I did try to do a search on the Straightdope Board but got the ‘Website not responding’ page OR ‘the administrator only allows a request every 30 seconds’ messages. Now I’m trying here -------- it’s a time when the obsessive-compulsive prevail - but I can almost feel my time on this planet tick away.