Boardreader searches -- way to search by forum?

Not too much to add to the title in the way of an OP. I was using Boardreader to try to find something that I knew was in ATMB, but I couldn’t come up with a way to narrow my search to just this forum. Using “straightdope” in the search will turn up hits almost exclusively from this board, because the url for the thread is among the items the Boardreader search function checks. But I can’t figure a way to get it to only check this forum, as the forum information doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the searchable material.

I tried adding “About this message board” and “ATMB” to my searches, but just ended up with 0 results each time (my other queries evidently limited out such posts as ‘I suspect this thread belongs in ATMB’ and the like).

Anybody have any magic tricks or suggestions for me?

Putting the forum name in quotes works okay for me. I came up with 12,197 hits for straightdope “great debates”, though only 100+ for straightdope “about this message board”. Not sure how their post-crawling software works, but they’re obviously missing a lot of ATMB material.

I do not believe there is any way to limit your searches to a single forum in the same way that SDMB’s hamster-search engine operates. Boardreader’s mission is to compile as much message board info as possible, not just to make our lives convenient, I guess.