"Boat Trip" starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

Has anybody else seen the commercials for this inevitable box office failure? With Bringin’ Down the House opening this weekend, it is hard to imagine there being a motion picture that surpasses that gem in terms of “Who the fuck greenlit that?” but Boat Trip managed to do that.

Premise: Cuba and random, generic friend go on a cruise ship. It turns out that it is a gay cruise ship. Ha ha ha ha!! Don’t forget the scenes where Cuba dresses in drag and where the girl he likes thinks he is gay!!

Doesn’t Cuba Gooding Jr. have an Oscar? Rat Race? Snow Dogs? Chill Factor? All those were made after he won an Academy Award.

What is wrong with him or his agent? Is he not getting offered good roles? This movie does not look good. I don’t know why they ever even thought it was a good idea for anything beyond an episode of Yes, Dear but why did he take on this role? What made him think that this movie would be a good career move?

Please explain this movie and Cuba Gooding Jr. to me.

He’s stated publicly that he’s not getting any good roles because he’s black.

Ok, I just saw the trailer on tv, and had to go download it just to make sure I saw what I thought I did. Its bad enough he took the role, but I am really insulted by it. It looks like nothing but fag jokes for the entire movie. Haha, aren’t homosexuals funny. Well F you to Artisan, F you Mort Nathan, and F you Cuba. Few movies really piss me off, but this is too much.

Possibly true, but he really needs a new agent. I’ve never seen anyone start at the top of his career and plummet downwards so abruptly without some form of substance abuse and/or major scandal involved.

Right, which explains that wacky comedy that came out a while back, with Denzel Washington and Will Smith as buddies who find themselves on a cruise for gay sled-dog racers.

I don’t get that worked up over movie trailers generally. And I saw the trailer for Boat Trip before the movie Old School, which is itself a shamelessly dumb (but funny) and offensive movie. But that trailer actually pissed me off. It’s offensive not to gays, not to cross-dressers, not to black people; it’s offensive to human beings.

Well, it sounds better than “I’m not getting any good roles because I suck.” Too bad Marisa Tomei can’t make the same excuse, it would explain why she hasn’t been in anything remotely watchable since her Oscar win for My Cousin Vinny.

Sometimes Best Supporting Actor Oscars are deserved. And sometimes, they properly ought to go to the casting director. Gooding only got his because someone found the perfect role for his limited range.

Just to clarify, I’m not saying that I agree or disagree with his assessment - I’m just passing on the info.

There are no bad roles, only bad actors.