Boaters, a little advice please

I’ve finally sold my ski boat, and we’re looking to replace it with something a little more comfortable (and slower) for the old folks we seem to have become.

The lion’s share of my experience is with inboards. I’m familiar with IndMar and PCM engines, shafts, stuffing boxes, and the like which are associated with inboard engines. I’m relatively unschooled in the other manufacturers like Mercury, and with outdrives.

We’re looking to replace our boat with some sort of 23-25 foot trailerable cuddy cabin, and would like to find a forum that discusses boats and outdrives. Most forums seem to be about a single brand, or a sport associated with boats (fishing, etc.).

Any forum recommendations? Also I’d welcome any recommendations/anecdotes about the various brands out there (Wellcraft? Bayliner? SeaRay? Chapparal? Crownline?). I’m familiar with the ski lines like Mastercraft, Nautique, Supra etc. but I don’t know that much about the small cruiser manufacturers. I’d like to get a rough idea of which are longterm quality, and which are known to be cheap.

Thanks for any and all advice.

We’re looking at used boats only, btw.

Can’t help with specifics for your type of boat. We have kayaks and a pontoon boat.

There is a BoatTrader app that I look at (dreaming) for the iPad. Ever hang out at a marina? Great place to do a real time forum.

I’ve had some good luck with advice from iboats forums. Had to replace the motor in a buddy’s boat over the last two summers. Got some good tips on how i/o drives and motors.