Bob (and Luis AND Gordon) from Sesame Street axed.

I thought about putting this in the Pit because it made me so mad.
NOW my childhood is officially ruined. Way to pay back three guys, who are heroes for kids the world over, for DECADES of great work & loyalty… What the actual purple crap!!!
This thread has been brought to you by the letter R and the letter* I*… Really Irritated!

This isn’t surprising. I asked back in 2009 why the people of Sesame Street hardly appeared anymore.

Sesame Street: Where is everybody?

It surprises me. I thought Sesame Street went off the air years ago.

Strictly speaking, it did: it moved from PBS to HBO. Which still strikes me as weird and wrong.

Good lord! After 40+ years, you’d think they would be ready to retire.

Remember, when you are a kid, old people are gross. So if you want a show that caters to kids to be successful, the actors do need to be young.

That said, their loyal service to the show does deserve to be commended.

Jesus, Bob McGrath is 84 years fucking old. I sure hope you’re just joking OP; your childhood shouldn’t be retroactively ruined because a few cast members had “only” a 40 year run on a kids show you liked.

Wouldn’t that be a good reason to keep him on? Sesame St. is all about teaching kids, after all.

Eh, I don’t think you can teach kids (or adults) NOT to be grossed out by something.

Speaking anecdotally, I loved my grandparents to pieces. Still though, wasn’t too crazy about the hugs and kisses.


Well, my childhood has been ruined because I’ve been sufficiently temporally displaced from it to make the memories of it vague and scattered.

It still runs on PBS, too. HBO has exclusivity on first-run episodes, then they’ll be shown as second-run episodes on PBS after nine months. And HBO only began running Sesame Street this year.

I have great memories of those three. And of Maria, Linda, and Olivia. (Mr. Hooper was just barely before my time.)

How old was Mr. Hooper when the show started? He was my second favorite adult. Susan was my favorite. I was very happy to read a few years ago that she was a shoo-in at the audition. It said she sung “I’m a Little Teapot,” and everyone agreed that children would flock to her.

I wish there were a video somewhere of her audition.

I assumed that Bob McGrath was long dead, but you learn something new every day.

HBO in charge, Three cast members gone.

Makes this video all the more ominous:

Will Lee was born in 1908 in Brooklyn, so that’s where Mistah Hoopah, HOOPAH!'s cadences originated. Lee was part of the lefty Group Theatre during the 30s and like many others, paid for it in the blacklisting days of the 50s.

Why do they need to be “paid back”? Were they not paid a salary for “DECADES”?

when they had the reruns on sprout you seen chris and the the Indian laundromat owner who they were slowly making the next luis and maria (the one where they were trying to go on a lunch date and everyone kept bugging them was funny)

once in a while you seen gina when something pet related needed to happen and maria was mainly there when big bird was …

But there for a while it was the b player muppets … the regulars either had animated spots (bert and ernies bedtime adventures ect or live ones like cookie and prarie’s dawn letter of the day segment

but it was like everyone had a specific spot for the show and the same 3 or 4 had the main story line abby elmo rositia and the one who had a pet rock … then it was elmos world til the scandal

actually no for a long time they weren’t paid until the early-mid 80s … when cwt started the toys …

I’m a tiny bit sad because I feel like they helped raised me. But I’m not too sad because most actors would kill to be able to work on the same show for 30+ years. And they had a good run.

Gen Xers need to let Sesame Street belong to another generation.