Bob Dole... WTF????

What the hell is up with Bob Dole always clutching, what appears to be, a pen in his right hand??

I have been to the movies a lot this past season, and was infinitely inundated by that Britney Spears Pepsi ad. At the end of the ad, Bob is sitting with that pen in his hand, and says “easy boy” to his dog. And I am left thinking: “He’s supposed to be watching tv, drinking pop, and chilling with his dog, WTF does he need a pen for?”

Also, the other night I was watching a SNL re-run, and Norm MacDonald was impersonating Bob Dole, and again he (as bogus Bob) was clutching that damn pen.

Is this supposed Bob Dole’s “gimmick?”
(e.g.: Schwarzenegger has “I’ll be back,” and The Rock has “The People’s Eyebrow,” Carson had the golf swing, and so on…)

Well, Bob Dole has a war injury that affects the movement of one of his hands, so maybe he holds the pen so that it doesn’t look so totally bizarre that his hand is clenched all the time? Just a guess, I actually have no idea.

Jesus, MSK. Are you trying to put your foot in your mouth in every forum?

Actually, Bob Dole lost part of one arm during the war. What you are seeing is a prosthesis. I guess they put the pen in their in the attempt to make it look more realistic, or perhaps he can control it enough to write with that arm, I don’t know.

Due to a war injury, Bob’s right hand is highly screwed up. He can’t do much of anything with it, and it hurts when people touch it. Unfortunately, he’s a politician – a job that involves lots of handshakes. He carries the pen so that nobody ever reaches for his right hand, and he can use his left as the “glad hand.”

MsWhatsit is correct.

though it’s not that he can’t move his hand, it’s that it’s very painful to do. While he was Senator he would mostly schedule meetings in the morning because you did NOT want to meet with him by the afternoon. At that point, the pain would get quite strong and he would be very irritable. Anyway, MSK, that answers the question, somewhat. He does it as a gimmick, I suppose, but mostly out of habit and as a way of coping with his disability. I’m not going to berate you for this thread. You asked, while sarcastically, out of ignorance, and that’s what this board is designed for.

Oops, this is not Bob Dole’s prothesis. Apparently he did not lose the arm, just the use of the hand. Here’s more on the pen, from the Washington Post:

I honestly never knew, nor suspected, that Bob Dole had any form of disability whatsoever. I always thought he was just a “regular” guy. I guess that shows how much attention I pay to politics and poilitical figures. :o Sorry, folks

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