body fat distribution and aging

As you age, your body stores less fat right underneath the skin (subcutaneous fat) , but it stores more fat on the neck, lower jaw, and the belly.

Your arms and legs become skinnier, the butt becomes flatter, the breasts in women begin to sag, the face becomes bony and “tired looking” . This isn’t something that comes once you become old, but it is a slow and gradual process that usually starts in your 20s.

Extreme cases of this are seen in AIDS patients.

In hypertrophic obesity, there are less fat cells, but the individual cells are larger and more swollen. This usually results large belly.

In hyperplastic obesity, there is a greater number of fat cells. This allows the body to have more storage space before it develops problems such as diabetes. The higher amount of fat cells allows the body to absorb more glucose in the blood and store it as fat inside the cells.

With less of these cells, the excess sugar will accumulate in the blood once all the available fat become near their maximum capacity because there is no other place to store it. The body also stores more fat in the liver when this happens.
Over swollen adipose cells are easily damaged by physical stress. They rupture easily and when the cell contents leak, it causes inflammation.
Do you really wan’t to kill fat?

There are some holes in your narrative.

In the aging process, as less fat is stored subcutaneously and more fat stored in the other places you mention (I’ll take your word for that, for now), you don’t say whether this results in more or fewer fat cells, all things being equal.

I have read (no cite at present) that as normal people put on weight, the number of fat cells increases, thereby increasing the total stored fat. If they then lose weight, the number of fat cells does not decrease but the fat cells do get smaller. Unfortunately, those same fat cells produce bloodstream chemicals, such as ghrelin, that increase your appetite, so that the fat cells can get back to their previous (overfilled) state.

So yes, as a person who has been fighting my weight for years, I wouldn’t mind getting rid of about half of my fat cells. Thanks for asking. Do you have a way to do that?