Body of Spalding Gray found in East River


Any minute now, London Calling’s going to open a Pit thread about all these Spalding Gray threads. This is the (third? fourth?) on the front page of Cafe Society alone.

Still a crying hame, though. Still a crying shame.

Oops… sorry. I scanned the top few threads and thought, “nope, no thread yet.” I should have word searched.

No, no, I’m the one who has the screaming hissy-fits about multiple obit threads!

As I recall, London Calling threw a big fit when six people created obit threads for Robert Palmer over the course of one hour.

No offense meant to you, of course.

I’m a fan, too, but that’s not going to keep me from saying that in Spaulding we have our 2004 winner of the Richard Brautigan Dignified Departure Award.

Spalding. :smack:

Robert Palmer is dead?? I have to go start a thread on that now!