Body Scan or Pat Down?

There’s a very interesting thread over in Great Debates with regard to the new TSA policy so let’s keep that debate over in GD. I don’t want to debate whether or not their should be scans just whether or not you’d submit to one.

Next time you fly, assuming you have to either be scanned or patted to get through security, full body scan or pat down? (or maybe option 3 which is not fly)

I flew from NY to FL and back last week for a bit of birthday vacation. JFK still had the standard metal detectors but Orlando International had the body scanner. Took about 10 seconds. As far as I could tell, the only person who saw my scan was the TSA worker (female, like me) who scanned me, not other passengers and not other TSA workers.

I’d rather have that than a pat down any day. I do not want someone putting their hands on me. Looking at my body for 10 seconds, who cares, even if they can see me naked. If you look atthis image, they can’t really see all that much. Plus, as I said, the TSA worker looked at the image for only a few seconds. It’s not like they were standing around pointing and laughing.

My other question is do you think the privacy issues of the scans/pat downs trump the safety benefits or visa versa?

Personally, I’m leaning toward the safety side of things. My privacy with respect to the body scan isn’t more important to me than catching a potential criminal carrying a concealed weapon. I’d rather be scanned and safer than unscanned and less safe.

What say you?

Body scan. I don’t want some random stranger feeling me up. I really hate strangers touching me.

Prefer the body scan, but don’t much care about the pat down, having been felt up before.

Pat down. My reasons are probably more suited for GD or the Pit.

Here is an article with more photos that also happens to pretty much sum up my feelings on the subject.

Option C. There is nowhere on this whole round world I want to go to badly enough to be irradiated and seen naked or groped.

And I don’t see that it makes me a bit safer–if you really want to take a plane down, you can pack enough C4 up your ass to make that happen, and it won’t show up on any of their scanners.

I have issues with being touched by strangers. I’d take the scan. I’d like to say I’d rather miss my flight than put up with security theatre, but realistically the only times I fly, I NEED to fly. Most of the time I simply do not travel. If I need to travel, I drive. I’ve only flown 4 times in my life and none of them were optional.

I’ve gone through the body scanner and it was no biggie. I’d choose that option again.

Another vote for C. I’d never consider flying anywhere under the present “security” regime.

Peeping tom X-ray or gate rape? Great choice.

Can’t really see all that much? You can see every bump, ever line, her nipples for crying out loud. And while I was okay with being “wanded” or the old style pat downs, which were very mild and quick.

I say I refrain from flying from here on out whenever possible. With my job, I will still have to fly now and then, so this is a real choice I’ll have to make in the future.

I flew recently and I went through the scanner.
I’m pretty comfortable with my body because I take care of it. If you’re fat, we can tell that you’re fat even when you wear clothes, we don’t need the ‘naked scanner’ for that.

Whichever gets me through the line faster. I was strip searched when I was 13 so neither really bothers me too much. If these procedures prevent even one plane from coming down, I’m ok with it.

We already have metal detectors. The scanners in your cite are there to show non-metalic items which can be hidden from view anyway. Even if they weren’t, the random screening process only requires that a bombing plot involve multiple people so the next person behind the random search makes the flight.

Went through a body scanner at BWI. No biggie. Having my boobs and crotch felt up by a stranger? Uh, no way. I know someone who reported that he was patted down and the TSA agent stuck his hands 2 inches into his pants. I think I’d freak out.

Of course, my non-issue with the body scanner is that I only fly a couple times a year if at all. I figure it’s not enough to give me cancer. If I were a frequent flyer, my answer might change.

Neither option bothers me that much, but given the choice, I’d pick the body scanner. It’s the quicker option of the two. As an added bonus, no one touches me.

Body scanner. Don’t have an issue with it at all.

See post #6.

Of course, someone will try this someday. We shall call him the Anus Bomber. After that, I have no idea what the TSA will blow another billion dollars on but it won’t be pretty.

Count me as another who won’t be flying for the foreseeable future.

I think I prefer Rectum Renegade.

TSA are making strong claims about the safety of the scanners, but ISTR that they haven’t allowed any independent testing. That doesn’t inspire confidence.

If I have to choose between a scan and a grope, I’ll take the grope.