BodyBuilders on the SDMB? What's the SD on effectively increasing muscle-mass.

Specifically with regards to when to eat and what to eat.

I know that when you work out you destroy muscle tissue, and the body gets busy replacing that tissue using your store of protein. I know that fat helps. And I know that Carbs help you maintain energy while you are working out.

But what I am vague about is exactly when to eat the right things. How long before/after a workout can you have eaten a decent amount of protein for it to be used by your body to rebuild your muscle?

For instance, if I work out at 2pm, then have a big meal full of protein at say 6 or 7pm will that protein be used to rebuild the muscles from the excercise?

Or to turn it around, if I have a big meal at 3pm, and then work out at 8pm can the body still use the protein and other bits.

Or you can just ignore those specific questions and tell me how to do it right, but in a way that is not restrictive to a guy who has a job to go to.

The short version is that you should eat a lot, and eat often. See this article (part 2) for the long version.

I recently read that you should eat a little both before and after you workout.

I apologize, I don’t recall the reason for eating a little before the workout.

Eating a little after the workout: The author claimed that it provided energy immediately for the body, preventing it from starting to use the muscle as energy.