Bogus Pomp = Zappa

If you’re in the Tampa, FL area this weekend, and you are a Zappa fan, you might want to check out Bogus Pomp. I’m hoping I will be there.

Damn - the guy’s favorites are Roxy and Elsewhere, and One Size Fits All, and I can’t be there!

Damn Damn Damn

But I did forward the link to a major FZ fan friend of mine who’s a lawyer in St. Pete. Thanks for the tip.

Ever see Project/Object? They came to Lexington a few years ago, and Mike Keneally sat in on a few pieces, including Inca Roads. And if you’ve not gotten into Keneally, pick up his “Dancing” right away… The FZ influence is alive and well.

I most definately will check them out, thanks.

Bogus Pomp website: