Shibb Clan heading to Tampa...

for the weekend, anyway.

Despite my best efforts to muck it up, I was able to find reasonably affordable airfare so we are heading to Tampa tomorrow and staying for five nights. The deal includes a hotel room at the Wyndham Hotel on Westshore, which is apparently a fairly nice place. Ironically it would have cost extra to “upgrade” to the Holiday Inn, but we’ll probably spend most of the time and some nights at my folks or at the beach.

We will mostly be visiting family (home for me is more or less Largo/Clearwater), but there may be some time for Doping. Any Bay Area Dopers (the real BAD Dopers :wink: ) want to get together for a beer or something? Does Pezpunk still play music in the area?

Just let me know.

Pezpunk plays music still but pezpunk’s guitarist is in NJ right now and pezpunks bassist is non-existant. However pezpunk does speak of himself in 3rd person! WOO HOO!!!

I have to work on Saturday until about 4 but otherwise Im game if everyone plans something.

I’ll post or drop you an e-mail tomorrow. Where do you work until 4? I hope it’s a club and not a Waffle House or something. Although a Waffle House might be better inspiration for songs.

No I mean 4pm on Saturday not am