Tampa Dopers

Hello fellow Tampa dopers. I thought I would post a quick thread to invite anyone who is free tonight 1/30 to come to New World Brewery in Ybor. My band is playing tonight with 3 other bands. We go on first at roughly 9:30. I don’t think there is a cover charge and they have great beer. That’s about it… see you there… maybe :slight_smile:

Wish I could make it, but tonight’s out. Maybe next time? (Just a bit of a tough drive from south Sarasota County when I have to work the next morning… sigh Why CAN’T I be independently wealthy??? :wink: )

Sorry pez, I am just now reading this at 8:30… I hope I can catch the next one.

pezpunk, you guys ever play on the weekend? I can’t get over to Tampa from Polk County on a night when I’ve got to work. What kind of music do you play, anyway? (I’m taking a chance on having someone say D’uh, it’s punk!) What kind of sound are we talking about (similar groups I might know?)

Damn. Had tonight off too. Sorry I missed this thread earlier.

Hey Everybody! (hi dr. nick…)

Well, everyone missed a good punk rock show. I am now at work the morning after and I am feeling it (tired, not thinking straight, ears ringing, etc). You should all definately come out to their next show, which I think is the 24th? Or am I remembering wrong? Ask pez

BTW, everyone needs to come out to their Cheap Trick show, because if they play a cover of “Surrender” i’ll need a mob of people wearing viking outfits with axes and swords to destroy the stage. I mean seriously, GREEN DAY covered that song… ::shudder::

punk snot dead,

Yup the 24th we are playing at New world. It’s a saturday TroubleAgain. And yes we do play punk stuff. I’m not 100% sure how to describe it. Pretty catchy though I think. Broccoli came out last night actually. cool guy. We had a good time. Hopefully y’all can make it next time. Perhaps a small tampa dopefest. I will give more notice next time.

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A small Tampa Dopefest? Hell, if four people showed up, it would be the biggest Tampa Dopefest in the history of the world!

Give me a couple days notice and I’d love to come down from G-ville. After all my SO lives in Tampa. I’d travel two hours for good music and the nookie! maybe not in that order :wink:

Pezpunk (well, anyone who cares, really…) The Queers and the Independants are playing the State Theater on the 9th (friday) That’s a wee bit less of a drive than the Sapphire in Orlando.