Tampa Florida Take 2: Dopefest Ybor?

Hey Tampa dopers,
Some of you may recall about a month ago I posted an invitation to come and hang out at a bar that my band was playing at but being that it was a last minute post (and because no one likes me :frowning: ) no one was able to make it with the exception of my pal Brocolli.

There has apparently been interest in a possible dopefest on Saturday Febuarary 24th at our show in Ybor. So far Truepices and Brocolli are coming.

We are playing at New World Brewery in Ybor adjacent to Ybor Square (not to be confused with centro ybor) on 8th ave. It’s an outdoor pub with very good beer. My band goes on at approximetly 10pm.

I know that there are quite a few florida dopefests in the near future and none have actually occured in the past but I figured I would put it out there and see what happened.

Let me know if you need directions or anything. I think there may be a cover charge of $4 but Im not 100%.

[zombie-like voice]
yes. you should all come. the beer is good, and the music is too.
snap [/zombie-like voice]

Huh? So where was I? Oh yeah, as a side note to that, I’m bored at work so if any Tampa dopers use A-O-Hell’s Instant Messanger, gimme your nicks PLEEZE.

punk snot dead,
(chrisproximtampa or el broccoli on A-O-Hell’s IM)

How dare you hijack this thread with a request for IM messages! Shouldn’t you be working. Those phone sex calls won’t answer themselves you know! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a Saturday Night so I will probably be one block south at Tahiti Joes. :smiley: So I will definitely stop by for a little while and watch you guys play!!
… Oooh just noticed you said 10pm. OK, I will get out there a little early then so I can come watch. See ya then!

Sorry, but being 2 hours south of Tampa and still a minor makes this one a no-go for me. You guys have fun, though! I’ll just be down here, uh, doing… something…

[sub]Probably sitting right here reading the damn boards, that’s what.[/sub]

<slight hijack>

Ya know, you could always do the Rennie one on the 10th… come out, help me celebrate my birthday… :wink:


Pez, how early should I get there? I’m thinking it’s going to probably take me about an hour and a half to get there from S Sarasota county (And I’m STILL not happy with the MapQuest directions, dammit!) Being a Saturday, I don’t think I have any time constraints to worry about…

75 to 275 (exit 44)
over the $1 toll skyway bridge
into Tampa, pass the airport exits,
get off on I4 (exit 27 I believe)
get off on exit 1
turn right on park (9th street i believe)
find some parking
walk over to 8th
walk away from the bright, pretty lights and flashy colors of 7th for a few blocks until you see the new world brewery

punk snot dead,

Sanibel… sorry you can’t make it. I thought we might actually be able to get all the Tampa area dopers. Maybe next time.

Bear_nenno - Glad you will make it.

True pisces - We play @ 10. There are 3 other bands I think so it will probably be a pretty tight schedule. I won’t be able to hang out much before the show because I will be setting up. Your best bet is to get there between 9:30 or 10:00. There is parking nearby at spaghetti wharehouse or in a parking garage not far away.

Brocolli - THPPPPT! :stuck_out_tongue: (that’s all I have for you right now!)

Any other bay dopers we are missing?

Sorry guys, I’d love to go, but alas, I am working at a RenFaire which just happens to make me exhausted and covered in dirt every weekend. Maybe you could tell about the next gig and I’ll see if some of my friends would like to come up there with me.

pazpink - Thhhbppbhtbtth back at’cha man! :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in St. Pete, am going my Mom’s B-Day party that day (far away, inverness) but let me know if there are any get togethers later in the year.

There have been Tampa meetings in the past but they never seemed to exceed 3 people.

My schedule is wacky. I work weekends (nights) so I have to bow out of all weekend meetings. Sorry.

I don’t know if you have ever been here before, but don’t worry about getting here too early! Too late would be a problem, but never too early! There is so much to do in Ybor, you will not be bored if you show up too early. Also, all the clubs start giving out free beer with no cover at about 9pm. So getting there an hour early will not hurt, it will just get you drunker!!

Yeah, I’ve been to Ybor before… it’s been YEARS, but I’ve been there (lived in St Pete for 6 years, just recently moved back to the middle of nowhere :wink: ) I used to go to the Castle more than anywhere else back then… Of course, I was never the one driving, which is why I can’t remember how to get in… and I was, more often than not, too drunk to remember how we got back out! I’ll probably get up that way around 9, look around, see what I’ve missed (and see how old I feel after being there!) and then head over the New World Brewery around 9:30, 9:45 or so. I’m probably going to be alone, and I’m REALLY very shy, so someone, please, find a way of letting me know who you are! My main purpose is to meet some other Dopers before the DopeFest at RenFest on the 10th… Ones that will be coming and ones that won’t (Come on, TroubleAgain PLEASE meet me there???!!! :wink: ) Listening to Pez’s band play is just an added bonus!

That’s what days (or in this case nights) are for!

TruePisces, I believe Bear_N & Pez’s pics are on the people pages. As far as me I have really short brown hair, sideburns and a septum piercing. I think i’ll wear my “punk snot dead” shirt so youse can find me :slight_smile:

punk snot dead,

The 24th? And a microbrewery? (One thing I definitely miss about Denver is the sheer abundance of wonderful adlt malt beverages.) If I-4 is open, I’m there.

Please don’t ask me how I managed to miss this. It’s been a really long week. :wink:

Being the shy person that I am, unless I’m 100% sure of who I’m talking to, I’ll probably just stand over on the side going “Is that them? Is that them?” But the T-shirt will hopefully be a good clue! :wink:

I know my pic’s not up on the people pages yet. And I haven’t had a chance to get the “new me” pic up on my site yet either. Let’s see… Short blonde hair, I’ll probably have it pulled up in either a ponytail or a bun. I’m short (5’… yeah, that short) Don’t know yet what I’m going to wear… Just keep a look out for a short blonde, 'k? :smiley:

elmwood, it’s off of exit one. Even if I4 is closed down, it wouldn’t be that part of it. If you don’t mind driving through the ghetto you can come south down 22nd st. instead. 22nd runs all the way up to the university mall.

punk snot dead,


Nevermind that last bit elmwood I thought you were in Tampa. I should check other threads more often.

side note: Has anyone else here been a little disinterested in the boards lately? I think it’s just me, but it seems they’re slagging a bit. I’m probably in a funk.