Bohemian Rhapsody: Bismallah?

What, in the name of God, possessed Queen to use this as an exclamation? Is there context that is not readily apparent in the song?

The thing that made Freddie Mercury truly great was his limitless pretentiousness. No sure any further explanation is relevant.

Freddie Mercury never explained *any *of the lyrics, but that one mostly makes sense - “Bismillah” is Arabic for “in the name of God,” and in that part of the song he seems to be crying out for help.

Freddie Mercury grew up in Zanzibar and India; perhaps that exposed him to the term more frequently.

It’s Arabic. One word for God.

As Johnny Bravo stated, it means “In the name of God…” as the first part of the common Basmala invocation that goes on to say “…the Most Gracious, Most Merciful”. Freddy was a Zoroastrian (Parsi) but as **Telemark **points out he probably heard the Basmala often in his environment growing up.

Scaramouch - fandango, so say we all.

I read this on Wiki recently and thought it was interesting -

I don’t know the truth of the Bismallah reference. They might have included that explanation for political reasons.

The band members won’t talk about the song, except to suggest that it was personal to Freddie.

Ok, now that that’s explained, what’s up with “Galileo Figaro Magnifico”?