Bold Predictions

I’m hoping to prove you wrong.

I do not think Vietnam’s economy is robust enough to allow them to support internet discussions.

OTOH, with their experience in tunnel warfare, they should adapt easily to the tubes.

I move for a *Bold Predictions & Poop * forum instead of just BP? I realize interest in poop threads has waned but one doesn’t want to wait until it’s too late before beginning a movement.

Here’s a bold prediction: ATMB is about to disappear and be replaced entirely by stickies.

This sounds more like a game than a forum, but it might be a fun game. I agree that I don’t see the appeal of the “no discussion” stipulation. It seems like a needless complication, and it’s hard to make that kind of thing work on a message board.

I see what you did that…

golf clap


You will find true love at a gas staton.

The winner gets to assign the loser’s Title for 30 days?

We’ve had the annual Celebrity Death Pool for years. Using that as an example, why not an annual Bold Predictions thread where Dopers submit their top ten list of prognostications for the coming year? Granted, there will be a few bozo posts with asinine predictions, just as we have them in the Death Pool. A bit of fun but who cares.

Lets make in more interesting. The Celebrity Death Pool, as an annual event runs during the calendar year (January 1 - December 31st). Why not offset it by six months with the Bold Predictions event that runs July 1 through June 30th the following year? Do it that way allows the opportunity to get it up and run this June, and take advantage of what will be popular political games come this November and beyond. Offsetting the game six months also allows Dopers to enter a new game every six months. We regularly have those who submit their deaths lists late, despite all the instructions and advanced warnings. Then there are the newbies who arrive too late to join in the festivities and may not want to wait (nor remember) for up to a year before entering their own submissions.

An interesting variation of what i suggested. I endorse it.