Bolduan spells "Baldwin"?

On what planet? CNN!

That’s a bold un. Buldoon. Bulldyane. Ballydwoon. I’m trying to think of less probable spellings.

That’s actually her last name.

Who is her for those of us not in your head?

On what planet is f-a-v-r-e pronounced f-a-r-v-e?

Kate Bolduan on CNN.

Same one where (in English) hors d’oevre is said “or derv,” apparently.

Well it’s not that far off in the original French.

In which the equivalent of Baldwin is Baudoin, which may or may not be where a name like Bolduan comes from.

Of course, automated subtitling does produce some terrible mis-hearings, particularly when it comes to foreign or non-standard English, especially names.

On this planet, where your name is pronounced any way you want it to be pronounced. If she said her name was pronounced “Johnson”, then the proper pronunciation of her name would “Johnson”.

Should we mention how “Featherstonehaugh” is pronounced?

It doesn’t seem that far off to me. Juan= wan. I can easily see “duan” becoming “dwan” becoming “dwin” in certain accents.

“Bol-dwan” to “Bal-dwin” is just a slight difference.

It’s pronounced “Fronkensteen.”

Or St. John.

Justin Wilson, the Cajun Chef named his dog Phydeaux (pronounced Fido). I went to school with someone who’s last name was Breault (pronounced Bro). Those wacky French and their pronunciations!

Renault (pronounced re-NO)

Isn’t it “Throatwobbler Mangrove”?

Let’s not get started on Boatswain…

…or ghoti.

That’s a new one for me, thanks!

Here I thought this was going to be a thread about someone misspelling Alec’s name.

Don’t forget the famous Enroughty family, the pronunciation of which isn’t entirely obvious.

Pronounced: “Darby”

Some background here