Bombs over Barrington, or is this really neccessary?

I send my son to daycare in a church in our small town. We live about 10 minutes east of Providence, RI. So, anyway, one of the other daycare moms has gotten a bee in her bonnet about a crisis plan at the center. In other words, she was all freaked out that there was no plan in place in case of an attack of some sort. She has been making a major pest of herself with other parents and most recently called the superintendant of schools in our town and told him that the director of our center would be calling him for advice. Not that we are affiliated with the schools or anything. So now there is a plan, which involves each family donating 9 specified food items to the school to build a reserve for 72 hours. There are also some communication guidelines involving e-mail and a “fan telephone system”. Mention is made, also, of protecting the air supply in the center.

Personally, I think this is just plain old silly. Yes, we’re at war and all, sure. But we are not in a major city or even near one. There is nothing strategic within an hour of us. Is it really neccessary to have disaster plans like this in a little small town daycare center? I mean, it’s no skin off my nose if it’s there, but who thinks this woman was right to majorly bother everyone to get this thing in place? Who wouldn’t even think to worry about such things?

My friend works in a daycare in Vancouver, and they’ve got emergency food and planning in place. Of course, here we’re mostly worried about earthquakes, but the principle of being ready in case of disaster is a good one.