Bon Mardi Gras!

Laisez les bon temps rouler!

Goodness! I was wondering when this was going to pop up!

I want beads!

Look baby, these are really nice beads and I’m afraid that if you want them a simple flashing will not suffice.

Nope I want a close encounter of the third kind.

Yeah, what Cajun Man said.

. . . Right over me like a steamroller.

Happy fat to you, Tuesday. (Or something like that.)

Just wanna point out to all you merrymakers that contrary to popular opinion, Mardi Gras as an American carnival was started in MOBILE, ALABAMA, not New Orleans. Even New Orleans admits it, although very grudgingly.

Alabama rules.

Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!

Throw me something, mister!


My stepdad got a Zulu coconut! :smiley:


I’ve been trying all day to come up with something for me for me to regret tomorrow and the next 40 days. So far nothin. Stupid do-gooding panty-waste me. And time’s running out!

Hah, I say.
If you like de bacchanal,
You want to see we CARNIVAL.

We wanna see pictures, Jill!

Did anyone get the doll yet?

The doll? I didn’t get any dolls, but I didn’t go to many parades, either, since I can’t handle crowds.

My grandfather has relatives in LA (Metarie, Opelousas, Jackson among other places). This was the first year I can remember that someone didn’t ship us a King Cake.:frowning:

Someone brought a King cake back to our office from Mardi Gras. I told them to be careful not to bite the little plastic baby, and they all gave me That Look I get a lot.

Sure enough, someone spit it out and said, “Jesus Christ—there’s a little plastic baby in this thing!”

Maybe next time, they’ll listen.

Oh, duh, THAT doll! I thought maybe you meant some sort of really EXCELLENT throw…

We meant to get one, but didn’t. Maybe next year. We just got rid of our last houseguest today…I mean, she went home. :smiley:

I brought home 2 bags full of beads…really freakin good ones.

The only time I showed Thelma and Louise, I received the best beads EVER…they LIGHT UP.

Give me about a week to sober up and I’m going to feel ridiculous and possibly find myself on Girls gone Wild again…

I got the baby in the King Cake that was sent to my office this year!

Hey, doesn’t taking the name of Jesus Christ in vain when discussing the Baby Jesus make the Baby Jesus cry (or at least get covered in saliva).


I think I can speak for the male DFW dopers in saying that they really, really hope you can make it to a dopefest soon! :wink:


( . ) ( . )

now gimme some beads dammit!