Bon voyage, edwino!

As seen in this thread, our favorite mad scientist, edwino, is going to Siberia. (Well ok, maybe he’s just my favorite fruit-fly gene-manipulating mad scientist, with all due respect to Mrs. Edwino…)

Anyway, just wanted to try to catch your attention before you went, ween… be safe, have fun, and bring us back tales of vodka and missionary hijinks! Are you bringing your sitar? :wink:

I knew that you would get exiled if you kept it up. Bring me back some pictures of the cold, horny, beautiful wimmens. If no wimmes fittng my criteria are found, send me pictures of the ugly ones and a case of wodka.

Have a good time, edwino. :slight_smile:

Have a good and safe trip, ed!

BTW … how much vodka do you think you could fit in your luggage on the return trip? :wink:

Have fun in Siberia! :smiley:

We’ll miss you in #chat.
/me wishes edwino a safe and wonderful trip.


Heehee… you know, he’s going off to do Good Deeds, and all we can think about is wimmins and vodka…

I knew I kept coming back here for a reason! :wink:

Be sure to unlock all the genetic mysteries Siberia holds so you’ll have something for us besides those terrible pus filled scrotum stories. And stay away from water covered roadways.

Enjoy your flights (provided the wings remain attached :wink: )and come back to us soon!

Good luck to you, edwino! Enjoy your trip!

[sub]Scrotum stories??[/sub] :confused:

*When we’re sent to dear Siberia,
In Siberi-eeri-ya,
Where the fresh salt air makes you feel so fine–
It is fresh salt air from our own salt mines.

When we meet in sweet Siberia,
Where the snow is so superia,
You can bet all right that your Christmas will be white,
In cheery, Sibeeri-yaaa, yaaa.*

–Cole Porter

sniffle sniffle

I think I posted this thread too late, and ween won’t see it before he goes. Aah well. It’s the intent that’s important, right?

And DRY, you don’t want to know about the scrotum. Trust me. shudder

Don’t fear Rasa and everyone else.

Even the Wrath of God Himself (thrown at me for being Agnostic on one of His Mission Trips) can’t keep me from the thread.

Spent most of the morning cutting carpet out of the house of some of my parents’ friends house. They had 1.5 foot of water in their house. I know dozens whose houses were flooded.

My school has 8 feet of standing water in the basement, and no power. In fact, most of the medical center has no power whatsoever (not even emergency backup). 10,000 out of 22,000 mice at the school are predicted dead. Factor in that that is at least 1-2000 transgenic mouse lines, at a cost estimated of about $100,000 to generate… I still have some work to do so I think I might go wade to lab this evening.

I leave for the airport in 21 hours. I only have to be at the airport in 23 hours, but as you may have seen, the Wrath of God is gonna cause some problems.

Anyway, I am mostly packed. Bought lots of American trinkets and candy for trading purposes. Have 2 new sets of Levi’s just in case. To my mother’s dismay, I am not taking a carton of Marlboro Reds to bribe the customs officials.

I will eat caviar with sour cream on blini. I will eat fish dumplings and borscht. I will drink vodka.

Thanks for the wishes everyone. I will be trying to post from Siberia if I accomplish my primary mission of setting up a computer network at the school out there. Provided I get there – I found out yesterday that my Moscow-Tomsk connection is not Aeroflot – it is Siberian Airlines.

With a web site like this, I wonder how they are not a major player in the international air travel community:

Keep yourselves well. I will report with details.

Aww… sorry to hear about the mice! Though when I saw the word “transgenic” all I could picture was little drag queen mice. Hope the flies are all ok.

I was in Houston (well, the airport) on Thursday and we flew through the edge of Allison. NOT FUN. I hate flying to begin with.

Hope you get there safe, hope the Wrath of God™ doesn’t get you, and have fun!

Well, actually I know all about scrotums, thank you very…

[sub]err, I think I ought to rephrase that.[/sub]

Hello from Siberia!

The internet is EXTREMELY slow from here, but by some miracle of God Himself, SDMB seems faster than, my school’s computers, or So while waiting for my email to load, I thought I’d post…

I am in Tomsk Siberia. The city is filled with those old Russian cars that you would expect. It is quite warm and sunny here. The computer network that I am supposed to set up is coming along (the computers arrive tomorrow, we are going to try to wire the connection up today).

I spent a day and a half in Moscow. We stayed at the Hotel Rossia, which is a block off of Red Square. It was made for old Communist Party faithful to stay in during Kremlin visits. It is huge (3000 rooms) and looks like standard Communist Party issue – ugly old wood paneling, ancient appliances, no toilet paper. It smells like extremely stale cigarette smoke.

A 500 ml bottle of Stolichnaya cost $3 at the hotel gift shop (the most expensive place in Moscow).

We flew here on a Siberian Airlines redeye. It was aboard a Tupolev Tu-154, one of the uglier planes every to grace the sky. It’s like a 727 after a heavy night drinking. The interior again smelled like stale cigarette smoke. They didn’t turn out the lights over night (and the sun didn’t set), so I didn’t get much sleep. We left the missionaries after arriving here and are now in a cute little hotel in downtown Tomsk. I have not had the opportunity to eat caviar or drink vodka yet, but tonight we are going for a meal at my traveling buddy’s friend – so I anticipate that the vodka will be flowing.

Anyway, I should get on with work and everything. Keep yourselves well…

See what happens when you travel with missionaries? The SDMB loads faster! Or something like that.

Glad you got there safely, and keep checking in. Hopefully Houston will be dried out by the time you get back! Beware the Russian vodka…