Your favorite travel fantasy?

If you had, oh, 3 months without a care in the world and unlimited funds, where would you go traveling? And what would you do there?

Me, I’d travel the Silk Road. But I’d need a travel buddy - as a not terribly imposing woman, the idea of going through some of those places by myself makes me a tad nervous. Anyone care to join me? Special emphasis on local music, crafts, people-watching, spontaneity, and the immense variety of dumplings found on the Eurasian landmass!

An unimposing woman, huh? Carrying vast amounts of money? Through deserted areas without another person in sight? And nobody expects you back for three whole months?

Yeah, I’ll go with you, just the two of us. It’ll be fun. You lead the way, I’ll be right behind you carrying the axes and such necessary for such dangerous travel.

Nervous? Don’t be silly! Before too long into the trip, neither of us will have a care in the world. Which bag has the money in it, by the by? :wink:

There are a lot of things on my ‘places to go list.’

Moscow and Vietnam both seem like good places to spend a month or three. How about an around-the-world on a freighter to finally have time to do some serious writing?

But in truth, at this time in my life, I would really like some family time on the front porch swing on my parent’s (now my brother’s) house in Maryland. Home is the best destination of all.

Ummm, I don’t suppose there are too many ATMs along most of the Silk Road, though there must be at least a few in Tashkent or Samarkand by now (not to mention Beijing) - but no idea whether they are linked to US or other Western banks. And well, I might skip Afghanistan at the moment.

So is there any way to carry funds through semi-remote places that doesn’t involve having to rip out one’s gold filings when one runs short of cash? See, I’ve generally stuck to somewhat more mainstream travel so far (even if there was only one place in Novosibirsk where one could cash an American Express traveler’s check). I suppose I could bring my guitar and sing for loose change in…oh, Turkmen manat?

I would do a country-hopping tour of the best scuba diving sites in the world. I have dived the Red Sea, but there is so much more to see and do!

I’d plunk down for a month in Belize two weeks in a nice and quiet resort on the beach, two weeks at a nice and quiet resort in the rainforest; then I’d drive around the states at an incredibly leisurely pace and see all the roadside attractions like world’s biggest ball of twine; then I’d plunk my butt back down in Belize for another month. I want to lay in the shade in a hammock and watch a boat off on the horizon slowly creep across my line of sight.

I want quiet, I want clean sheets, I want hot showers, I want good food, I want my wife with me, I want a bathtub (can you tell I’m homesick?).

The Himalayas! Ever since I read Tintin in Tibet I’ve been dying to visit the Himalayas. I actually intended to go to Nepal this year but their was an inconvenient insurgency. I might try and go to India or Bhutan or something next year.

I would call up my best friend Pat, tell her to get off work any way she can, and we would travel to as many of the 50 states we could, doing what we wanted, when we wanted. Just having fun, talking, seeing the sights. Sounds like Heaven.

Sri Lanka…swoon.

I’ve day dreamt about it for years, but have yet to make it there. Do you know they believe their beautiful little island to be the real Eden? If you read the history of Sri Lanka it reads like the Arabian nights, romance, intrigue, rise and fall, totally captivating. History that reads like good fiction. It is home to some of my favorite things in a travel destination; fabulous tropical beaches, fading Colonial architecture, warm Buddhist culture, gemstones too numerous too mention, tea, yummy tea, and spectacular ruins. I know it’s rife with political unrest at the moment, but I’m hoping for that to ease up and to get there one day.

Africa. I’d start off with a week or so in Cape Town, then travel by train from Cape Town up to Tanzania. It’s about a three week trip. I’m not sure where I’d go next, but I’d be mighty tempted to see Victoria Falls (again) and spend some time at a luxorious safari camp where I could go bird and animal watching. If I had 3 months available, I might then travel (probably by plane) up to Egypt and see the pyramids, maybe stopping in Kenya or some other portion of Africa I’ve not been to along the way, to see their native wildlife.

I have spent 3 weeks in South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia, and would be delighted to go back and have an opportunity to see more of the region, especially the wildlife.

I’d need a time machine for mine. The Atlantic by liner (Preferably the Normandie - the most beautiful of them all), the Orange Blossom Special to Florida… and so on.

Around the world by ship and train. Old ships and steam trains. But most of them are gone.

Backpacking in Europe. Yeah, it’s cliched, but I’d still love to do it. Alternately, spending three months in either Las Vegas, NV or Ottawa, ON bumming around with my notebook. I could get a lot done on a three month vacation.

Dude, do it! Three months in a cheap country can be done- on the cheap- for like $3,000 including airfare. Your dreams are within your reach.

I’d go across the trans-siberian railway, making plenty of stops.

I have a few.

  • Take the Guyaquil & Quito Railroad across the Andes, riding on top of the car like the peasants do.

  • Do Israel from Tel Aviv to Eilat on a bicycle.

  • Ride across Australia on a motorcycle.

(The ‘If I won the Lottery and went for broke’ fantasy)

  • Drive from Point Barrow AK to Tierra Del Fuego

As someone who lived and worked there for two years, I can tell you that there isn’t a end in sight in the near future to the political unrest. And with the suicide bomb attack this week – on the commander of the army, in front of army headquarters, which is within a block of 2 big Western tourist hotels – won’t help matters any. I knew the army commander and was at his house several times for dinner. Nice guy, and hopefully he’ll survive.

I’d putz around Europe (train and car) and stay at off the beaten path hotels, pensions and hostels.

Then I’d probably do Australia, NZ, Tasmania and a host of little places in that neck of the woods on another junket.


Give me tons of money, and three months, and I would go back to Europe. Mostly exploring Italy, but I want to see Berlin again too.

I’ll save some of the tons of money for the liposuction I’ll need after my stay in Italy, because I’ll be eating. A lot. Probably constantly.

If it’s just for three months and unlimited money?

I think I’d just take off. My credit card at the ready. Fly somewhere … wherever sounds interesting at the airport … call AmEx and tell them where I’m going, and tell them to get me a nice hotel room. Stay there until I decide to go somewhere else … and just go.

Alternately, I’d be tempted to take a round-the-world cruise. Or hell, rent a yacht and go with a few friends.

1 month exploring old Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia.
1 month exploring castles and mountains in Britain and Germany.
1 month in Amsterdam. Nuff said.

I’ll come with you! A friend and I planned to do just this a few years ago - riding on those funny three-wheeled tractors you see in rural China.

Then we got realistic and planned “mopeds to Moscow” instead.

Then we got more realistic and didn’t do that.

Then he had kids.

For pleasure, South East Asia, but I’ve been there so much that it’d be a shame to do the same old thing again.

So instead I think South America has waited too long for my presence. Though I don’t know about 3 months. Two and a half years ago my buddy went “for three months”, and only came back a couple of months ago when his girlfriend got pregnant.