Where would you take a paid vacation?

If you won a sweepstakes that provided an all expense paid trip to anyplace in the world for 2 weeks also covering any salary you maybe losing during this time off - where would you go and why there??? Do you choose comfort? Do you choose adventure? Do you choose educational? Do you go someplace within your own country?

If I had to choose, I’d say Australia. I don’t know where, specifically, but I’ve always wanted to go to Coober Pedy. Yes, I know it’s hot. And of course, I’d like to go to the beaches. Might need more than two weeks.

But I’d really like it if I was sent on an adventure without knowing where it would be. Tell me to pack for hot or cold, put me on a plane, wake me when I get there.

I’d choose the Maldive Islands and go swimming, snorkelling and sailing and relax. I’ve always wanted to go and one day hope to.

Tokyo, staying in a spacious apartment with a breathtaking view of the city. It’s an all expenses paid trip, so I’m not going to sleep in a hostel with six other people in my room. I have no idea what I’d do, but it will include walking around the city and exploring the urban environment. I plan on doing this someday, except I’ll probably be staying in a hostel with six other people in my room.

A close runner up would be renting a car and driving from Barcelona to Rome along the Mediterranean. I’ll probably do this trip as well, but by train/bus since I expect international car rentals are probably quite expensive.

They’re paying everything? Salary too? OK, let me think . . .hmmm . . .

Ah! I know. The Galapagos Islands! That’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go (but doubt I’ll ever be able to afford).

We’re not limited to one destination during our two week adventure, are we? So, having spent, say, three or four days in the Galapagos, I’d go from there to Tahiti or Somoa for another three or four days. I’d finish off by going to N.E. Australia (Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rain Forest and much, much more - or so I’ve been told).

New Zealand. Learn about Maori culture and go wine-tasting. 2 weeks might not be enough.

Perth Australia … one of my bestest friends married and moved there and I really miss she and her son =(

I’d summit Kilimanjaro. No, wait. Everest Base Camp. I don’t think I’m up for the whole thing, so the base camp will do.

Erm, why go beyond “all expenses paid” to cover salary paid? I mean, “all expenses paid” is attractive enough and so it’s not as if “2 weeks paid vacation” is something to get excited over because we already get 4 weeks paid in Australia and plenty of other countries.

There’s lots of places I’d want to go, but 2 weeks isn’t enough to get a real sense of a place… because it’s such a short time I’d go back to Italy for the 2nd time, specifically Cinque Terre.

¡Bastardo grande! :mad:

Anywhere in the world? Lots of choices. I’d have to make a list, but would start with:
Tristan da Cunha
The South Pole
Sala y Gomez
Clipperton Island
Ouagadougou, Burkino Faso
Lord Howe Island
Pitcairn Island
Kerguelen Islands
Marion Island
Crozet Islands

Trouble is, 2 weeks wouldn’t be enough time to get to (and back from) most of these places.

Botswana and / or Namibia. I don’t think I’d be doing anything too luxurious once I got there (I want to see lots and lots of wild animals, and camping is just fine with me), but just getting there is prohibitively expensive on my current salary.

Too many choices:

Yemen (though I’ve been there before)
Iran (same)

Is it a trip for two? If so, I’m taking Mr. S to the British Isles. He’s always wanted to go.

Just me? Hell, I don’t know how fabulous a trip it would be if I’m by myself. :frowning:

Anywhere in the world? Assuming magic can overcome the political problems with such a trip, I’d say North Korea. I have no doubt that such a trip would be depressing at best, extremely dangerous at worst, but what can I say? The lure of the forbidden, and the opportunity to see into a closed society so absolutely different from what I can imagine, intrigues me.

Assuming I’d have to go someplace legal… hm. I’d love to do Scotland or Ireland but I could conceivably do those on my own; they’re not the most expensive locations. It’d be better to go someplace where an interpreter and guide would be needed. But two weeks is awfully short. I’d have to do some research but I think trekking around someplace remote and obscure would be fascinating. Say, the steppe in Mongolia.

Two weeks in Serengeti National Park.

Middle-Earth. Or New Zealand, as the next best thing.

Vegas baby!

Wait, . . . gambling money is an expense, right?


Antarctica. It’s one of the most expensive places to get to.

After that, maybe the Chernobyl area as this website has always intrigued me (though some have said bits of it are not quite up to snuff).