Bond vs. Bond vs. Bond vs. Bond vs Bond:Which one is best?

Who is your favorite James Bond ?

I think Connery rules out for total coolness. But Brosnan has sex appeal and more human. I never cared for Moore and Dalton was too moody and one dimensional. Can’t really say much about Lazenby as I can’t remember anything about him.

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  1. Sean Connery
  2. Pierce Brosnan
  3. Roger Moore
  4. Timothy Dalton
  5. George Lazenby (sp? Ya know, the Kiwi Bond :smiley: )

Peter Sellers was my favorite James Bond.
Second choice-David Niven.

Sean, without a doubt. GAWD, he is still sexy!

Without a doubt Sean Connery is the quintessential Bond, mixing good straight action-adventure with ironic humor.

I still like George Lazenby, who deserves more credit than he got from either critics or the general public.

But I think Timothy Dalton comes the closest to Ian Fleming’s conception of Bond.

Anyone like Barry Nelson? (The first Bond, from the TV Version of Casino Royale in the 1950s) He’s the first one to play Bond with a sense of humor and smart remarks – something Bond didn’t do in the Fleming books.

  1. Connery, how can you not put him first ?
  2. Brosnan, he moves up in ranking with each new movie.
  3. Moore, erratic. Some of his movies I liked less than others.
  4. Lazenby, he got a bad rep because the director stunk IMHO.
  5. Dalton, he could do action but the humor seemed forced. Made a great bad guy in Rocketeer.

Connery is, without a doubt, the Once and Future Bond, and Brosnan his rightful heir. The rest are just so many pretenders, and not worthy of mention.

I’m here baby, yeah!!! Well, I’ve watched James Bond since I was a wee little tike, around the age of four or so, and I’ve always been facinated by him. I grew up with Roger Moore’s movies. They rank on the top because they have without a doubt, the best plots,(realisticly speaking.)Then comes Sean Connery. He built james bond’s character as suave, cunning, and kick ass!! Then their is the wit of Pierce Brosnan. His movies have the most action. I didn’t care much for dalton because he’d play a better bad guy. And that Geroge Larzen or what ever his name is, well, i hated those movies.

Top 10 Favorite Movies

  1. Goldeneye
  2. The Spy who Loved Me
  3. For your Eyes Only
  4. Goldfinger (I will have that car!!)
  5. Dr. No
  6. You only Live Twice
  7. Tomorrow Never Dies (I have the poster.)
  8. Moonraker
  9. The World is Not Enough
  10. Octupussy

Seconded, wholeheartedly!

After Sean Connery, ranking the other Bonds seems moot, since he was so far superior to the rest… He’s a shark and all the rest are guppies.

George Lazenby