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Sorry if this has been brought up before, I tried a search and the results were goofy.

TBS is doing their annual “15 Days of Bond” thing, and I’ve caught many of the movies (I think I’ve seen about 3/4 of them before, but they’re fun). I wanted to know the order in which they were made, so I searched the web and found a site where all the movies were discussed. While perusing the description of “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” I ran across a line that went something like this: “Although he was only in one movie, many fans consider George Lazenby to be the best Bond.” The movie was on a couple of nights later, so I watched it. All I can say is, what drugs were these fans on? I thought Lazenby was by far the worst Bond that I’ve seen, even worse than Timothy Dalton (though only slightly). There’s one scene where he’s walking down the hallway in a public office building looking at (not reading) a Playboy. On what planet would Bond do this? On top of that, I thought the movie was pretty bad. One scene reminded me of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” because my reaction to it was the same as it always is when Wonka takes the group into the tunnel: “ah, made in the late-60s I see.”

But I digress. My own personal opinion on the best Bonds is as follows:

  1. Roger Moore
  2. Sean Connery (very close second)
  3. Timothy Dalton (very distant third)
  4. George Lazenby

I used to put Connery in the top spot, but the more I saw of Moore, the more I liked him. I haven’t put Pierce Brosnan in because I haven’t seen his movies yet, but I suspect he’ll come in a solid third, pushing Dalton and Lazenby farther down.

Any thoughts?


Speakin’ of being on drugs. Moore is the all time worst Bond and his films were all silly assed cartoons.

Connery owns the role. Dalton is 3rd mostly because he looks and acts like the Bond described in the books and his films were (slightly) more realistic. Brosnan is 4th, if you can get over Remington Steele. Lazenby wasn’t great but he didn’t try to play the role straight and his one film was redeemed by the sexiest woman in the history of the world.


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You’re forgetting Peter Sellers.

and Woody Allen.


You quoted “Although he was only in one movie, many fans consider George Lazenby to be the best Bond.”

From the same source:

“All politicians are totally honest”
“You can’t conceive the first time you make love”
“Bond girls are all ugly”

JBENZ is right - Connery owns the role.

David Niven was Bond once (I think it was Casino Royale).

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But where do you rank the actor who first played Bond.

I don’t remember his name, but in the '50’s, on some anthology program like “Playhouse 90” was the first portrayal of Bond.

I went back and found the exact line: “Ironically, Lazenby’s Bond film is considered by many fans to be one of the best in the series.”

I just can’t see it.

While I obviously don’t agree that Moore was the worst, I will agree that at least one, and probably more, of his films in the series were too silly.

The screen debut of James Bond occured on October 21, 1954, when “Casino Royale” was broadcast live on CBS-TV in the U.S. as part of the “Climax Mystery Theater.” Barry Nelson starred as Jimmy Bond, Linda Christian was the Bond girl, Peter Lorre was the villain, Le Chiffre, and Michael Pate played Clarence Leiter.

In a nationality twist, “Jimmy Bond” is a CIA agent, and “Clarence Leiter” is Bond’s British ally.


Yup…Barry Nelson in CBS’s “Climax” in 1954. There were also some other TV Bonds of well deserved obscurity. I didn’t consider Niven or Allen as those were essentially deliberate parodies. (As opposed to the Moore films which were accidental parodies).

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Since someone mentioned Woody Allen (who actually played Bond’s nephew) and Peter Sellers, don’t forget that in the film under discussion, Casino Royale, the original Bond was the late, great, dashing and debonair David Niven. Remember, Peter Sellers/Bond was a replacement for the retiring David Niven/Bond.

Go to: www.imdb.com/ and simply ask it to search for James Bond. It should give you all the films.

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Fighting my own ignorance since 1957.

“Climax” Mystery Theatre. Somehow, that just seems appropriate for James Bond. :slight_smile:

Your right Verg. Many critics DO rank “Service” very highly. Lazenby as the best Bond is a bit questionable however.

In 1968 Sean Connery left the Bond series, and Albert Brocoli decided that hiring another male model (which Connery was before he bacame Bond) worked the first time, so the studly Australian born Lazenby got the nod.

However, the story is that besides being an inexperienced actor, Lazenby was a pain in the butt to work with. After getting panned by critics and bombing at the box office, Brocoli fired Lazenby and begged Connery to come back for one more film, “Diamonds are Forvever”.

“Service” is one of those movies that is killed when it first comes out, but over time gains fans. Critics liked the human angle where Bond saves a girl from killing herself, wins her over, only to have her killed by Blofeld on their wedding day.

Lazenby supporters liked his affable, slightly goofy and athletic personality, but I doubt any will say his acting won them over. I feel the likable Lazenby deserved a second chance myself.

Unfortunately the producers disagreed.


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On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is a great Bond movie! You think “You only Live Twice is Better?” Lazenby grows on you, the scenes with him in the mountaintop compound “making his rounds” at night are classic Bond - Telly Savalis is a great villan - The Bond woman (Forgot her name) was also very strong character. Even Moneypenny had real character. The Playboy scene was good - after building all that tension while he was safecracking and showing the lawyer returning to the office, he strolls down the main hallway of the building checking out the centerfold - how cool!

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Ironically enough I just saw “Service” on TBS yeaterday.

All the characters from “Austin Powers” are taken right from this movie, down to Dr Evil being a parody of Telly Sevalas as Blofel in his Nehru suit with kitty and his evil German female sidekick. I believe Dr Evil lives on a mountian- just like Serivce’s Blofeld.

Also for you Bond fanatics wondering where they got the title of the new movie . . . in “Service” it is revealed that the motto of the Bond family Heralds Coat of Arms is . . . “The World is Not Enough”.


Dr Evil lives in a secret underground lair in the first film, but relocates himself to his evil island hideaway (and the moon) in the second movie.

And surely he is far more Donald Plesence than Telly Savalas?

Sigh, the best Blofeld(s) was in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE and THUNDERBALL – the guy whose face we never saw. Both Savalas and Pleasance were pathetic loonies in comparison to the sheer malevolence of that hidden Blofeld.

This thread, along with TBS’s 15 Days of Bond and the new movie, has me watching some of my Bond collection (which is complete). I grew up with Moore as Bond, and so I always considered him the first and best when I was young. What I have noticed now is that many of the Bond movies I thought he was in are actually Connery flicks! It was some sort of memory transposition. Anyway, I still like Moore, though not as much as Connery and not even as much as Brosnan. I’d say my list is:


That’s the same way I’d rank them, David, even though Lazenby’s movie ranks in the top three.

Here’s how I rank the movies:
The Spy Who Loved Me
Diamonds are Forever
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
You Only Live Twice
Tomorrow Never Dies
Dr. No
From Russia With Love

The rest…

And tied for last, Moonraker and the Dalton movies.

I’d like to speak up ever so slightly for Timothy Dalton. He wasn’t as dashing as Connery or Brosnan, nor as comically unflappable as Moore. But he DID have a certain merciless look in his eye that seemed appropriate for a trained killer.

I didn’t like “Licence to Kill,” but I did think Dalton was believable as a revenge-obsessed James Bond. I would like to have seen him again, in a better movie.

But I have to admit, Brosnan is a great Bond. He has much of Connery’s charm, plus a hard edge that makes you think he could be a killer.

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