Bonds' record is LEGiT, mutherfuckers!

I have been a Barry Bonds fan ever since his days with the Pirates. I can’t believe all the shit he has gotten/is getting about his accomplishment (i.e., beating Henry Aaron’s record of 755 career homers), inarguably one of the greatest in baseball history.

It seems to come down to two things: Bonds is a dick and uses steroids. I call total BULLSHIT on both counts.

One, as I said, I was a fan since way back when and never noticed Bonds was a dick. I never invited him over to my house, nor did I ever hang out with him at parties. All I requested is that he play great defensive and offensive ball, and that is exactly what he DID.

So where are people getting off with this bitching? Are they reading “graphic novels” of his life story and experiencing SDMB-style RO at some of his personal shit? It’s total bull because you won’t get worked up about that shit if you don’t get into his meaningless, personal shit! Duh.

Second there is the accusation of steroid use. This is crap on so many levels I feel like spitting with frustration. First, Bonds has never failed a steroid test–EVER! And he says he never juiced, and maybe if I were an endocrinologist I might have an opinion on the matter but, being a layman on the issue, I’m inclined to take the negative test results and Bonds’ word at face value. If that makes me naive, well then fuck it because, again, my purpose is to enjoy great baseball and not go fucking Sherlock on the sport. It’s not really your business, people!

But then like I give a fuck in the first place whether he does or doesn’t. (Is this a goddam Miss Clairol ad?! Fucking unreal!) If everyone was doing it, then everyone was doing it. It’s not like there were all these angels and then Barry alone is the devil. Can’t people see the contradiction in that? Just like previous eras in baseball, as though people weren’t popping all kinds of pills. It’s just a fact that players were doing speed for the longest time, well into the 1960s.

Then, if Bonds took roids and others didn’t, it’s not as though there’s not a fuckload of legal supplements on the market (N.O. Explode, creatine, etc. etc.) that don’t wreck HAVOC with your bod and make you bigger, a better performer, whatever. Couldn’t someone achieve at least 70% of Bonds’ “unfair” advantage with legal shit? Of course they could. So I don’t think it’s even a real point: Dudes are going to supplement their way to hugeness.

So the real dick isn’t Bonds (his body may be tainted, but his heart is pure: just look at how tender he his toward both his parents, especially his “Moms”) but the spoilsports who just want to ruin a special moment and a very special record with their negativity. (And no, I don’t think it’s racism, I think it’s just the asshole side of human nature and our especially negative era) Hank Aaron had class, if you saw his clip. If only people in general were not such motherfuckers and could celebrate a great achievement.

This simply is not true; Bonds admits to having used steroids, but claims he didn’t know they were steroids. As for the tests, he was not tested until well after the time he admitted to having used “the cream and the clear,” as he called them, or at any time during the years he is said to have been definitely using steroids.

I mean, like him or not, it’s stupid to say he didn’t take 'roids. HE says he did.

I’m not a Bonds defender, but I now look at it this way- you can’t tell how many more homers he got by using steriods, just like you can’t tell how many more wins Gaylord Perry got specifically due to the spitter, or how many homers Sosa and others got specifically by corking. So if it can’t be quantified, I say you got to go along with it.

OK, I was not precise enough in what I wrote. If a trainer was giving him some cream with roids in it (an anti-inflammatory perhaps? I worked in the drug industry and that’s what steroid means to me…), and maybe that wasn’t right but it wasn’t his fault and it’s not going to turn him into a behemoth champion.

But thanks for the clarification.

Maybe the record is legit, but he damn sure isn’t.

None. If anything, he probably cost himself a few. The Mythbusters just did an ep of baseball myths, and the corked bat was one of the ones they tested. The result? Hits with a corked bat had almost half the velocity of those with an identical uncorked bat.


I’m not sure you do. If it’s against the rules, and the person breaks the rules because they believe it gives them an advantage, then the record should be thrown out (presuming that the specific act was, in fact proven), just for bad sportmanship alone.

This case is weird at the moment, because, as mentioned, Bonds admits he has taken steroids, but he has not taken responsibility for doing so. Not sure if it will ever be able to be proven that he knew he was taking them.

Baseball does not test for Human Growth Hormone (HGH), one of the drugs that Bonds is most likely to have used considering the way some of his skeletal features have changed.

If you have smoked pot, if you have stoner friends, and you know pot inside and out, and a friend comes over high on pot, and you have June Cleaver for a mom, she’ll think – naively – that your stoner buddy is just goofy.

Did you see your buddy take hits from a joint, did you see him fire up before he came over? You wouldn’t need to. You would know he was high on marijuana! Parents, many of whom are naive, are the last ones to know their kids are on drugs, because they don’t have first-hand experience.
Aeschines, you are the equivalent of June Cleaver and anyone else that doesn’t know Bonds has used steroids and/or HGH are all the naive parents of the world.**

Okay? My anaology is all you need. You are June Cleaver and Bonds is your stoner buddy.

Yeah, he showed up at your house, high on pot, and you don’t know it. YOU DON"T KNOW IT! You are naive, June!

But if you know dope, and you didn’t actually see him do it, Jesus Cripes on a stick, you KNOW IT anyway!!

Bonds has used the juice. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy beyond any ointments. He inhaled, baby. We’re talking HGH, and 'roids.

What’s that you say? He didn’t?

Yeah, like you would know. You sound like the naive parent who is too fucking stupid to know their kid is gonna be hooked on meth soon.

We need to start the Mutant League and be done with it.

Yeah, I’m naive, admittedly. But the best and brightest have gone after Bonds and couldn’t bring him down. What’s up with that?!

My Grandmother dislikes Tiger Woods. She says that he is using far more advanced equipment than the old school guys were, and therefore it’s not as impressive. I told her that he’s actually using an inferior golf ball because of his Nike endorsement, and he’s competing against guys with the exact same equipment (if not better). Yes he wins a lot, but it’s an even playing field, and nobody is comparing his number of strokes at Augusta to that of Nicklaus or Palmer or Sneed.

Now if she were to say that comparing Barry Bond’s victory does not mean quite as much as Hank Aaron’s, she might at least have an argument. Better bats, better sports medicine, better training, more legal supplements available etc. On the other hand, the pitchers also have access to such advances.

I don’t really take that much issue with his use of steroids, it happens all the time, and PLENTY of inferior players in all types of sports use steroids and still manage to LOSE. There is no way around the fact that the guy knows how to swing a bat. If a guy who has never used steroids can hit a homerun, that means what? He has great technique, timing, hand eye coordination, etc. I find it hard to believe that steroids can be cited at the reason that he has hit so many homers, because it is at most a slightly contributing factor.

The reason that BB is not some sort of national hero, is that he choses to not be one. His attitude with the media is most certainly going to limit his exposure. 'Roids or not, he could easily be a front page media darling if he chose to act like one. I think he’s just happy to be playing, and to have his numbers in the record books. I’d almost guarantee that his fans are WAY more pissed about the situation than he is. He scores, he gets paid, he breaks records. If he doesn’t want to be nice he doesn’t have to.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

One guy on ESPN yesterday said medical experts agree that the only way for Bonds’ head to get that much bigger was from either steriods or acromegaly :slight_smile: But still, I’d rather Bonds have the single season and career homer record than McGwire, Sosa, Palmeiro, etc.

I blame the hormones in McDonald’s cheeseburgers. :frowning:

Praytell, why?

The record is legit IMO because there is no way it was just hitters who used. Pitchers must have as well. Since both sides “cheated” (even though there was no specific rule or drug testing at the time IIRC) its all good in my mind.

Plus baseball has a long history of cheating being part of the game…just not gambling.

His body changed far too abruptly and at such an unusual age for me to believe it was natural. When a guy gets older his biceps might get bigger, or his chest or traps. But your head? Your shoe size?

That’s what I call bullshit. The suspicious amount and types of growth experienced by Bonds are explicable when you factor in HGH. You’re correct, Aes, when you say that the man hasn’t tested positive for steroids. He also hasn’t tested positive for HGH, but only because the league doesn’t test for it.

He cheated to gain immortality and I sincerely hope it stains his career for all time. Frankly, if I found my favorite football players in this circumstance, I would feel the same. This kind of success is absolutely hollow.

When Bonds beat Hanks record, the Baseball commissioner wasn’t there to congratulate him…that speaks volumes.

He has admitted to taking the cream and the clear. This is not an accusation. This is grand jury testimony from the man himself.

The “clear” is not an anti-inflammatory. It is THG, an extremely potent designer anabolic steroid. The “cream” is a masking agent meant to thwart detection of the clear.