"Bone marrow in the bloodstream" -- fatal?

I’m currently proofing some stuff on the novel A Separate Peace, which I’ve never read. Apparently a character in this novel (and I won’t specify which one, lest that be considered a spoiler) dies after a broken bone results in bone marrow getting into his or her bloodstream. That sounds goofy to me.

Would you die if you got bone marrow in your bloodstream? Why?


It could block a capillary. Depending on where that was, it can kill you.

Fat embolism

Ho yez, it’s a real concern for people when they break large bones: Fat Embolism

Huh. Guess so! Thanks for the quick answers, guys – I was kind of vaguely stuck on “that’s where blood is made, so it’s all good stuff biochemically…” and didn’t think through the physical properties involved.

Ignorance fought again!