Bone Marrow Psychosis?

I watched The Witches of Eastwick yesterday. In it, there is a woman who plays a character that goes nuts and is eventually killed by her husband.

Early in the movie, this woman falls down stairs and breaks her leg in a compound fracture. While in the hospital, she starts her crazy lady routine and her husband asks the nurse what is going on with her.

The nurse replies that it’s the bone marrow that got into her bloodstream from the break. It goes into the brain and causes this nutty behavior…eventually going away.

Is this true? I’ve never heard of it anywhere but this movie, and it seems a little weird. I mean, when someone gets a bone marrow transplant, don’t they just inject the marrow right into a vein and it sorta finds it’s way? Why would they do that if it induces some sort of psychosis?

Is this just a case of Hollywood making up facts to fit the story?

Yes, it is a real syndrome. Usually it’s called fat embolism syndrome.

The bone marrow contains a lot of fat. When there is disruption of the marrow, such as occurs with a fracture of a long bone like the femur (thigh bone), the fat can escape into the circulation. The consequences include delirium (as well as low blood oxygen and a bruising-type of rash).

When a bone marrow transplant is given, the fat has been removed.