Bonehead Legal books...

… I’ve decided that my goal, at this point, is that in 5 years or so, be in a position to start Law School.

So what would you Dopes recommend for someone with a slightly better than average laymans knowledge of Law?

Law School for Dummies?
Idiots Guide to The Law?

Any advice, gladly taken.

Law 101 by Jay Feinman

Feinman is a prof at my law school. His book is an excellent intro to the major subjects covered in the first year of law school.

One-L by Scott Turow to give you a taste of what it’s like the first year at law school, Harvard in this case.

Piffle. I haven’t read One-L, but if what I’ve heard about it is true, law school ain’t nothing like that. Either way, it’s not worth the angst.


Aspen Publishers makes a series of books called “Examples & Explanations” that do a pretty good job of teaching the core subjects of law. I found the Torts book especially useful; the author’s name for that one is Joseph Glannon.

One-L is a joke if you are trying to get an accurate view of law school. Turow made it seem like everyone was ready to put a gun to their head. He clearly felt the need to sell some sizzle, or is simply one of those personality types for whom everything in life is huge drama. It’s not nearly as bad as he makes it out to be (that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone or a worthwhile thing to do necessarily).

The Examples and Explanation books aren’t really a layman’s intro to law. Glannon’s Civ Pro book is considered the best of the series. Another good horn book is Chemerinsky’s conlaw overview.

But another good book to check out before starting law school is “Getting to Maybe”

Thank you all!

Next month, I think Amazon will love me. At least a little bit.