Bono's glasses

I really hate Bono’s glasses.

Come on, mate, he’s practically a sex god!

(Kidding, but why do you hate his glasses? curious)

I think Bono always wears the COOLEST glasses! The guy has immaculate style, and I’ve long thought his choice of eyewear was really sharp, from his giant “Fly” goggles in the Achtung Baby era to his tinted shades of today.

The side things are always big. Hate them.

I hate his glasses too. But what really bothers me about them is that he never takes them off. Even in interviews, he wears them. I’ve always thought it was rude to converse with someone while wearing sunglasses. I know, he sometimes wears those yellow-tinted ones and maybe that’s okay, but does he really need to wear them all…the…time? drives me nuts.

He wasn’t wearing his binns when I saw U2 on the 1st of December 1979 (as noted elsewhere, they were the support band for the Dolly Mixture - you remember them surely? One of them was married to Captain Sensible from The Damned). But I do remember that the zip of his fly was faulty and kept slipping down. He was distracting me from reading my book… I wonder if he’s bought a new pair of trousers yet?

I think Maddox pretty well summed up my feelings about Bono and U2 in general.

Yeah! I have one single by them–“Everything and More.” What would it be like if they had gotten huge and U2 had only managed a handful of indie releases?

I imagine Coldplay would be imitating the Dolly mixture instead.

I met him not long ago. He took off his shades, and I understood why he wears them. He looks, in my opinion, ten years older without his sunglasses on.

Bono’s trying to play the part of the rock star a bit, I think. Then there’s the fact that he’s one of those guys who shows all the wrinkles. He has a joke that Larry has a painting in his attic like Dorian Grey did, but Larry’s painting is of Bono!

I say that I have Larry Mullen, Jr. disease: people subtract 7-10 years off my real age when they try to guess it. Not too bad for 43.

I’m with you guys. I wish Bono would get lost in a snowstorm.

I was traumatised by U2 when I was a child. Okay, I was seventeen, but still. My roommate the first quarter of my freshman year worshipped U2, Bono especially. Every inch of the walls and even the floor, was covered in posters. She played their music when she slept because she felt closer to Bono in her dreams that way. She was also one of the nastiest people I’ve ever met, so the two go hand in hand to me. It may not be fair, but what has Bono ever done to change my mind? Nuthin’. Just goes around wearing glasses that try too hard.