Screw U2 , Bono!

OK, BONO doesn’t think that the US taxpayers are spending enough on combatting AIDS! This despite the expenditure of BILLIONS of dollars, PLUS forcing the world’s pharmaceutical compamies to make anti-AIDS drugs at below cost.
I have aSUGGESTION for YOU , BONO: take SOME of YOUR OWN money, and donate it to the cause! Actions speak louder than words. Of course, BONO is a classic liberal…he’d give you the shirt of someone else’s back!SCREW U2 , BONO! :dubious:

Lamest. Rant. Ever.

We are dummer for having read it, as you are for writing it.

I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Ralph, where you been? Actions speak louder than words? On behalf of what cause, exactly, do you think Bono has been campaigning for years? Other than third world debt relief, that is?


How do you know that Bono doesn’t donate his own money?

I know that he got Jesse helms to pay attention to the AIDS epidemic in Africa. That makes him OK in my book.

Oh, and how about a cite so we know what Bono actually said?

Linky link, please?

That thread title works on so many levels.

Most moronic rant of the day.

Besides the tireless rabble-rousing Bono does, he regularly performs at AIDS charity events (notably with Pavarotti). He does put his money, as well as time, where his mouth is.

I despise guys like Bono and Vedder.

Just because you are in a band doesn’t make you anymore qualified to talk about politics than the guy who takes you order at Burger King; Bono just has a bigger microphone.

That said, people who value the opinions of rock stars are just as bad. I do agree he has a right to say what he wants, it is just that I could give a crap what an Irish “rocker” has to say.

And it makes me mad that Bono can get meetings with the president and senators, and he is not even an American citizen!

I guess I should start working harder on making my band successful so I can influence politics and national policy. Doesn’t that sound rediculous? The fact that it is true is even worse.

If Bono talks and nobody listens, does he make a sound?

BTW, U2 SUCKS in the worst way. At least Pearl Jam is decent.


Just because you have a keyboard and a modem doesn’t make you anymore qualified to talk about politics than the guy who doesn’t have a computer, right?

Since when have artists been quiet and apolitical?

I find Bon’s activism inspiring.

When I first read this I thought you were asking if he was a drummer, as in most drummers are dumb. :wink:

He already has.

And that’s after two seconds of searching.

ralph, you’re stupid.

I don’t know (or care) about Bozo’s politics, but he just irritates the shit out of me “I’m so pious and humble, I wear a silly black hat and make lame-o pop music”, and that alleged guitar player SUCKS ASS!, the Fudge is a total hack! (check out David Rhodes on Peter Gabriel’s “shaking the tree”, David kicks the Fudges ass using the only lick that the Fudge knows).
And the fans really piss me off, psuedo intellectual, black clothes wearing idiots (and why do all of the girls use that same awful red hair color?

unclviny (who used to have to put up with a lot of U2 fans)

You can despise whoever you want; not my lookout.

I will point out a coupla things, though. One is that celebs of various sorts have, for generations now, been using their celebrity as a means of entering politics at a much higher level than others with a comparable understanding of the issues. Actors, athletes, relatives of bona fide politicians, and who knows what else. I’ll wait for your rants against Jim Ryun, Jim Bunning, and George W. Bush. And the California chronological bookends, Ronald Reagan (1966) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (2003).

The other is that Bono has at least done his homework on the handful of issues he takes an active role in. Dubya is freakin’ President of the United States, and he still doesn’t bother.

So much in the world to get angry over, and you get angry at a guy for trying to help starving diseased people. You might want to see a proctologist. You might be an anus.

The President should only be allowed to meet with US citizens? That’s going to make foreign diplomacy awful tough.

So, only American citizens should be able to meet the POTUS?

Touché, Miller.

Not only did he get Helms to pay attention to the AIDS crisis, but he made Jesse CRY.

THAT makes him a friggin’ hero in my view!

I have reasons not to like Bono, but his work on these issues isn’t one of them.