Way to go, Wacko Jacko.

All right, it’s not a rant of mythical proportions. But I still think it’s sleazy, and I’m kinda surprised there’s not a Pit thread on it already.

Michael Jackson decides to donate parts of the proceeds of a 9/11 charity song so a Scientology organisation.

This of course without the prior knowledge of several artists who colaborated with him on this particular record.

Shithead. And why do this? It’s not like he doesn’t have enough enemies already.


I’m with you on this one, Coldie. What a slap in the face of the other performers!

Lisa Marie was the scientologist, not Wacko Jacko.

You sure that this charity is actually associated with scientology? The cite is a little short on facts.

It’s all I could find - heard a short snippet last night on a Dutch entertainment program, and decided to investigate it. This was all the evidence so far. I agree the article is far from clear, so if anyone finds a better cite, I’d appreciate them sharing it.

OK. Here’s the scientology program called HELP:

http://www.scientology.org/en_US/world/betterment/applied-scholastics/pg004.html (Hollywood Literacy and Education Program)

And here’s the link that Fox gives to Jacko’s website:


which lists HELP as one of the beneficiaries. However, that Jacko’s website gives the web address of HELP as:


It could be that they’re the same organisation, or it could be (horror of horrors) that Fox is making stuff up.

Jeez, I’m trying to work out who needs to be condemned here. Wacko Jacko, Scientology or Fox. Of course the correct answer is (d) all of the above, but let’s get the story straight first.

That last link also appears at the bottom of that Scientology website, Desmo.

The charity that Jacko’s site links to has this notice:

Carry on Coldfire.


I mean: the link between Jacko and scientology has been established to a reasonable degree, so carry on with the pitting. :slight_smile:

For me, I’m really not bothered by his affiliation with Scientology. To each his own. What bothers me is that he gave no consideration to the wishes of the others who performed with him.


The picture of Tom Cruise on the front is also a good pointer :wink:

I fear for any kids that are taught to write under this program. Does this mean they grow up to write dreafully long and tedious novels like Battlefield Earth?

My God, are they involved with Robert Jordan in any way? :eek:

Nasty little toerag. It’s not as if he doesn’t have enough of his own money to dish out to whichever sect or nutjob he feels like patronising.

and the people who paid good money thinking they were supporting a 9/11 charity.

Excellent point. Even more so, that.

so, pit Jackson, pit Sciencetology, and pit Fox.

hmmm, I can do that:

jacko, you lying about skin disease face about to fall off kiddie dangling child molester, knock it off with the donating peoples good faith money to ridiculous ‘churches’ with no religious background that were made up for a bet between drunken writers of bad SF to fleece foolish ‘celebrities’ out of their easy earned cashmoney. return to planet earth, or fuck off screaming skull. and Fox, you corporate fucking cocksucker corporation from hell, make an in depth documentary about it, starring John Travolta, Tom stumpyfucker Cruise and Kidman to con even more fucking morons into sciencetological shenanigans involving their brains and life savings. and cancel Futurama while your at it, you non listening to the public lizards.
fucking weasles, the set of them.
I’m never watching a film with a sciencetolologist actor in it again.

warning, the above may not be based on fact or knowing the full story behind any thing mentioned above. cheers!

I think the whole point is moot since the song is not going to raise any money anyway.

Let’s see: Adults don’t like Jacko since he is a freak-a-zoid child molester. Kids either don’t know or don’t care about Jacko. And said Adults/Parents aren’t going to buy this crap for their Kids. Seriously, do you know anyone that will buy this? Anyone remember his last record?

And what’s the deal putting out a 9/11 song over two years later??? Way to get the word out Michael!


(Personally, the ‘Tom stumpyfucker Cruise’ is what did it for me!)

Yeah, wouldn’t that be HLEP?

Maybe they are fighting dyslexia

thankyew, i’ll be here all week. this is my 6th winter up here folks!

jackson now reminds me of that bit off the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, when all the Nazi’s melt. cast in porcelain. take that to antiques roadshow.